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  1. wooh, still elevator girls around??? And I thought they had disapeared years ago .
  2. Take them to onsen around Hakone. (and find some girls to take along - promise english lessions.)
  3. Better take your helmet on, taifun is heading your way!
  4. It may look silly, but I think it is the general prepareness for the big earthquake. Generel education for the population."let's be ready - when it happens" (as good as it is possible). Education, how to behave can be essential for survival. (just think about how important it was to act , when the tsunami warning was given). In that light it is not that silly.' (and don't mind the spelling).
  5. That's becourse air tickeds are priced så differently, that noboy knows the real price - not even airline employies, så they always have to look for the real price everywhere.
  6. Japanese army have nothing better to do Well in Asaka they DO take care of the local festival - you can even get inlistet - if you want - uniforms for 6-8 years children for newcommers.
  7. Why is it needed to send that many rescuers (500?) up the mountain - there is stil a risk. To retrieve the bodies - it only needs a few and the helicopter.
  8. May it is because it is only med. doctor who can declare death (with one exception), others can say - no breathing or heartbeat. It went worst than I had thought.
  9. Did not much hiking this summer, but at my age i have taken up a little ski-gym !
  10. No more Fuji climb for me, once this summer and no more. Hiking in Scandinavia is safer
  11. I will come back to you on that one, sitting in Narita on the way back to Copenhagen. 10 min to boarding. But it was nice!
  12. I am going to do that as my head would be riped off.
  13. Just came back from top of fuji The missis even had prepared a bath for me. More later (not about the bath!)
  14. Thank you for your answers, and happy to hear there is no surprise. Getting older may be this is my last chance. The airport security always look very strange at my, coming with mountain boots and thick clothing. Everything off and thrue the scanner. The long woolen underware however stays in the suitcase, but happy I brought them along. This time I have only needed the boots for a shot walk around Mugitooge, so far. The other stuff stayed in Asaka, beside the rain clothing. Tubby, whether I reach the top or not, I will tell you if my massucistic tendecies got fulfilled. Snow dude
  15. Don't worry, you are well on the way, even though it takes a bit longer for you to get a DOM! You know it comes with age, as other abilities decline!
  16. Denmark even worse, much easier in 1982. In these times of international commerce that seems odd.
  17. As the wife attends a course in Tokyo tomorrow I plane to go Fuji-San. Going in from north by train from Asaka Saitama and bus to the 5th stage. Staying overnight somewhere over 3200 m. Will be the first and only time! About time after coming here for 33 years. I am used to walk in the mountains up to 3000 m, but not up to 3700 yet. Any advice?
  18. For us continentel people there is always the fact of driving on the wrong side of the street , as you we'll know we drive on the right side of the street!!!!
  19. Miyajima sunny and warm. And later hot. The place is filled with gaijins.
  20. Yes, one tents to get a dirty (old) man, working on the car (or the other kind-you know ......)
  21. In my ices the trafic culture sicks here in JP. Drown from Izumo down to Kyushu. Felt sometimes like driving in south of Italy - terrible drivers as well. Ooshima is a more calm place to drive on. Fear the drive up to Hiroshima, but happy to take train back to Saitama!!!!
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