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  1. What frustrates me about boarders is they can get into the trees within a week of starting to board and being inexperienced then proceed to traverse across the fall line usually in big groups just totally ruining a whole hillside. Wish they would stay on the piste till they can take on the fall line.
  2. Glasses under goggles are fine. I have OTG goggles and normal ones also, just make sure your glasses fit ok under the goggles. Make sure your glasses are not transition lenses cause they will fog inside the goggles.
  3. Be warned, Aus will never quite feel the same again, 7 days will go way to fast and if it dumps while you are there you will definitely be booking in for next year. Have fun.
  4. Maybe a tip for Johan when I saw his pictures. I used to tell my kids to get the posture of a big bear, leaning forward into their boots with arms out front and away from the body, don't look like a chipmunk with arms tucked in beside the body and lower arms bent out at 90 degrees which causes upper body rotation and a shuffling type turn. If they can keep that posture, face down the hill and put the weight on the downhill ski, the ski will start to carve on edge through the turn.
  5. Last rocker enjoy it while you can. You probably don't realise it now but once that baby comes along your screwed.
  6. OK got the ' winter stoke' going now. Oops sorry wrong thread.
  7. Very nice pics. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow. Good luck.
  8. Ok got the stoke going with the first snowfalls. Going to be a long 3 months till I get there. Beautiful photo Go Native of Yotei really looking forward to seeing Yotei in all it's glory for the first time.
  9. Have spent 13 weeks skiing Nozawa so have got to know the village, the mountain and it's sweet spots pretty well but off to Niseko this season for a change for a month. Hope I won't be disappointed .
  10. BCA Backcountry essentials package is being shipped to me now from Evo US for $345 au landed in Aus, contains bca tracker dts ,shovel and probe, very good price I thought. There are better beacons out there but you will also pay a lot more and this beacon is very popular with good reviews. Some times the more you pay = more options = more complicated and in stressfully situations you want to keep it simple, not sure if this applies to beacons. This is a 2 antennae beacon whilst the 3 antennae beacons are better at refining signals in multiple burials. My eyesight is also not very good Seemore
  11. Snodude you don't have to be too worried about any action on climate change happening in the US any time soon. http://mobile.rawstory.com/therawstory/#!/entry/belief-in-biblical-endtimes-stifling-climate-change-action-in-us,51817ff4da27f5d9d0b879ba
  12. The end of season snowfall totals at the end of the daily resort reports for each resort shows that Nozawa had 8 metres aprox and Kagura nearly 16 metres , so twice as much. Nozawa is quite close to the ocean as it can clearly be seen from there on a clear day but looking at google maps Kagura appears to be further east so would expect it to have not as much snow. I thought Nozawa was pretty amazing for snowfalls so if Kagura has truly twice as much snow I will have definitely have to go there. Any ideas if this correct and if so why so.
  13. Thanks guys leaning towards the train now. Will make up my mind in kyoto ,only a week till I will be there now.
  14. If you think it is a lens problem with moisture between the inner and outer lenses, you can buy replacement lenses from Prolens in the USA for a fraction of the price of buying new goggles.
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