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  1. I agree with SKI, "earn your turns" is a bit a of a silly saying. If you want to hike the mountain, good for you, but saying that in doing so you have earned your turns just makes it look like you are looking down on those of us who use a lift. Is there any other sport who has a saying that comes close to this one. I've ridden to the top of some nice hills to mountain bike down. Don't remember thinking I'd "earned" my ride down. Sailed in some great winds, had the boat up and planing along. Don't remember thinking I'd "earned" the ride. Anyway I think it's a silly saying. You want to h
  2. Currently in the Burton outlet shop in Kanuizawa and they have a Button Nug 142 for 40,600 yen
  3. My friend is the General Manager Sales and Marketing for a company that sells construction equipment. Diggers, loaders, etc. So his customers are the guys at large construction companies that have the yes/no say in buying large and expensive equipment. From previous Facebook posts about trips he has taken with customers it appears the only things most of them are into is Rugby and Beer (good thinking there Big Al) Rob is looking for something for them to do on 9 Nov, which is a bit to early to send them to Gala, and a bit too late for a baseball game. (after the pain in the a.. it is t
  4. I thought of baseball, but the season is over. Haven't checked yet whether there is any Sumo on that day. Robot Restaurant could be the go for dinner, especially if it's as weird as I've heard. They are from NZ so football might not be their thing, although from reports of previous trips these guys have been on, drinking definitely is.
  5. Hi guys and gals An old friend of mine is visiting Tokyo soon, along with 20 of his closest customers. They have a free day on a Sunday and he asked me if I knew of some blokey things to do in Tokyo. I've come up with a few ideas, but knowing the knowledge and imagination of those who read these forums I thought maybe you guys and gals could help out with some more ideas. Note, as it is a work thing, ideas that are not suitable for work should be placed in a brown envelope and mailed to me separately. thanks
  6. Just put something like this in the back, suitably repainted of course
  7. They thought of that http://www.actionmobil.com/images/videos/hebevorrichtung/index.files/html5video/Hebevorrichtung_f%C3%BCr_Fahrzeuge.m4v
  8. You will probably need more than 3 layers. However you could pick extra layers up here at Uniqlo. There's even a Uniqlo at Naritia airport if you don't have time to go shopping when you arrive. The more lighter layers the better, it's easier then to remove or add a layer to regulate your temperature.
  9. +1 for Yuzawa. Easy access from Tokyo by train, plenty of resorts to keep you busy, and it has Mt Granview.
  10. While that off road caravan looks awesome, I think I would rather have this for my off road mega ski trip
  11. Whatever area you where talking about in this post http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/21636-myoko-madarao-shiga-2012/
  12. SnowDude, could you please let me know the brand and model of the Navi you have in your Delica that updates itself. thanks
  13. Given the amount of mud on the main road, and the flooding at the local conbini and supermarket, that's probably what main road by us looked like.
  14. Could it be the massive amount of coverage is because there is a chance Ebola could leave Africa in a big way. Aids/HIV is old news in the West. HIV can be kept in check, so not so many people dieing from it, and Malaria is very treatable, and easy to prevent if you take your anti malaria pills. Whereas Ebola is the boggy man of diseases, no real proven cure and big chance it could spread due to international travel.
  15. What story, panties in vending machines? That's true, even saw one once.
  16. Thanks. Would that be ¥4,600 in tolls round trip or one way? Tolls can add up if you are doing a lot of day trips. There is a 30% discount if you exit the highway after midnight on a week day and 10pm (I think) on a weekend. Doesn't help on the way to the skifield, but if you time it right coming home you can save a little bit. Just be the last off the slopes, have an onsen before you leave, then stop for dinner before joining the highway.
  17. On a weekday the problem is getting though Tokyo, and the first 50 or so kms of the devil highway. On the weekend the problem is the highway.
  18. I did consider staying the night, but the Penthouse Suite was already booked. I do have standards, that just can't be lowered, one of the reasons I ski Mt Granview.
  19. My local Hard Off has done the same. All the surf boards are packed away, and probably 60+ boards (mostly in the 140 to 155 range) and 40 or so skis are on display. Along with one big aisle of second hand pants and jackets.
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