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  1. It's in Edogawa, not that far from Disney. Google maps says 30min (10 min walking to the station, 15 min train and 5min walking from Otemachi to Tokyo station.) My #1 location is still Tokyo Station, but if hotel cost is a priority, there are other options. Anyways, I better leave it to others to give hotel suggestions then.
  2. If you want to save more on hotel, there is the Hotel Lumiere Nishikasai. It's further away, 30min east of Tokyo Station by train. 4 people per room, 2 nights for under 300 dollars total (150 per night for 4 people). It might be a triple room or 2 twin beds, so the teens might have to sleep in the same bed. BTW, I never stayed in this hotel.
  3. Most hotels will hold your baggage. 2 teenagers will likely count as adults. Alternatively, you could stay near Tokyo Station. Easy access to trains and airports. Ginza for shopping/eating. Short train hop to sumo stadium and Jimbocho for ski stuff. Well, once you hop the train, everything is close enough. Marunouchi hotels (there are 2) and Ryumeikan are a bit cheaper, or you could stay in the Tokyo Station Hotel if you feel like spending a bit more.
  4. There is this haunted house in Honancho too. It has those "escape games", like you're in the movie Saw.
  5. There is boat riding (with lunch and drinks) near Asakusa/Skytree Baseball batting cages in Kabukicho Fugu restaurant! Maid cafe (could get rowdy in a large group)
  6. I'm going to be like Joey in that Friends episode and use short sleeve layer, long sleeve layer, fleece, soft shell, out layer, overcoat. Maybe a monocle and top hat too. My itinerary is looking more and more like a Rubik's cube. Fix one side and messes the others, but I'm almost locking it in.
  7. Typically, how long do you guys stay in a resort in Hokkaido? More than 5 days?
  8. Great tips guys, thanks. Now that you mention it, Uniqlo has the added benefit of ordering online and delivering at the hotel too. I'll arrive at around 4pm and take the next day early train, so I don't have much time for shopping on the 1st day. By "brand name", I was thinking not to spend 50000 yen on thenorthface jacket. Spending 2000 yen on a shirt is ok
  9. I wanted to experience 2 different snowboard areas on this trip. Yuzawa is close enough to Tokyo and I reserved a few days in Sapporo for the snow festivals and sightseeing. Checking the Jetstar flights between Narita and Chitose, looked doable. Initially, I thought Iwappara would be plenty. Gala and Yuzawa Kogen are closest, so I might check them out too then. Teine looks a good option for a daytrip from Sapporo. I suppose it's pretty ambitious to imagine going from beginner to pre-intermediate in such short time.
  10. Hello there, Just joined the forum, but I've read a lot posts with keywords "beginner", "December", "snowboard" and "cheese" (!?)". Based on the forum advice, changed my vacation from December to late January/early February and picked Iwappara and Annupuri as destinations. Staying a few days in Tokyo and Sapporo too. I haven't "snowboarded" on snow. My "snowboard" experience is limited to a small artificial slope, covered with cardboard cutout plastic blocks and oiled with detergent (ok, you can stop laughing now ). I can stay on top of the board without falling off, but I can't do cur
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