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  1. sad to say it, but it definitely looks like winter is ENDING here in "snowy" Akita I was keeping my fingers crossed but its been raining for the past few days, even my local ski hill closed down due to the rain...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. I definitely get the same problem in pow! I like how they incorporated plastic vents on the dragons instead of the spongey material they use on oakleys. good stuff
  3. I hear your concerns forsure. Maybe I'm just a sucker for their gimmicks! haha. In the end I just need to get my hands on a pair and try them on/take them up on the mtn but for now I'm just gonna stick with my crowbars (which have been so so good to me)
  4. I just think its a really smart and well thought out design. Get rid of the bulky frames, and increase the range of view! Also, just been reading reviews on them, and people seem to only say good things. If there are any negatives please bring them up!
  5. Yea i hear ya on the price issue...but I found some on Ebay for a more "reasonable" price. Might just wait until Im back stateside to get a pair...probably next season. But man they look awesome! great concept too!
  6. Does anyone have a pair of these?!?! If so HOW AMAZING are they! I really want a pair!!! http://dragonalliance.com/en-us/ scroll to the bottom of their website to see the video...
  7. OK son, thanks for the life lessons BUT, REAL-est thing in my life right now, is I'm gettin off work at 12 and hittin' the slopes! WOOT! Keep up with the negative vibes on the forum and I'll hold it down on the slopes Later BRAHHHHHHHHseph
  8. I'd say something more like "chill out brahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" no "mates" over here son, and YES, I LOVE THIS WORLD FULL of FALSENESS...its DOPE.
  9. haha I just said you have all right too bro, just was pointing out the fact that you taking the time to post on it rather than ignore it just makes you look like a grumpy pants, thats all. cheer up buddy! LIFE is GOOD!
  10. Well I just think even posting that its "annoying" is kinda a buzzkill to someone who was lookin for support and DOES effect community vibe. You could have just ignored it right? and by all means YOU have ALL RIGHT to POST whatever you want/whenever, but you took the time to express your negative thoughts...just doesn't seem productive to me. Anyway, this is going nowhere, so that's that
  11. Hey I respect your opinion forsure, and I'm not tryin to get into it with you, I was just kinda put off cause your comment sounded pretty bitter, thats all. The thing I LOVE about snowjapan is the community vibe, Everyone (for the most part) is super supportive and helpful to their fellow members! He's simply asking a favor, not TELLING you and YES, I'm sure the others have parents too, but they weren't on snowjapan asking for a favor from the SJ community, so in keepin the community vibe strong, I'm happily hooking up Gareth, and HOPE others on here take the time to do so too!
  12. OUCH man, it's called a FAVOR... Help a friend in need!?!? Brotherman is just tryin to help out his son!
  13. Yo Gareth, you sound like a pretty RAD dad, and supporting your son like this is awesome! You got my vote homie.
  14. Cheers bro, thanks for the heads up! Do you have to pay for parking over there? are there free parking options?
  15. Hey guys, headin' to Zao soon and wanted to get some tips for hittin' this mtn! I've heard complaints about short lifts, flat spots etc etc. and paying for parking just wanted to see if anyone might have some good advice for a Zao newb your favorite areas to hit on the mtn? Hit me up!
  16. anyone stoked on the new Canon G1X (G13) LOOKS DOPE!!!!
  17. ohhhhh man...I'm definitely burnt out on the whole teaching English thing, but I ALWAYS enjoy just hanging out with the kids (and playing dodge ball with my elem kiddos!!!) Pretty sweet they let you teach/fill in for other subjects! Right On!
  18. ahhhhhhhhhh such a bummer man...the folks at Master Braster are so kind, what a shame.
  19. What do you guys think?!?! YES, it was a SIC run, but did he get the 100 score because of his name? p.s. - I'm not one to rip on ppls style, but damn those pants were whack! hahahaha
  20. THIS IS SOOOOOOO TRUE...Def a chill vibe, everyone is out to have a good time!!!
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