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  1. Got a PS3 and a 3DS. Waiting for the English version of Star Fox to be released before getting, just hate this region lock thing on it.
  2. I like in Kanagawa-ken in the central northern area.
  3. I saw a few slopes in Yuzawa when I was there that looked well beyond me. Still a beginner. Regretted going over to the south area of Gala and soon made my way back to the main part!
  4. I'm still a beginner really but I had a fine day at Manza. The snow was the best I had in my few days out and the onsen were great. Lovely area round there, want to go back.
  5. 4! Two days at Naeba / Kagura One day at Gala Yuzawa One half day at Snow Town Yeki One day at Manza Onsen
  6. Ski, though not much. Only came to Japan a few years back and only 5 days so far. Long way to go.
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