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  1. In Tokyo. Probably for not that much longer.
  2. Those things work. I have that one that you have posted above, well it looks like mine one big fan in the middle. Computer is very cool, the big fan runs pretty quiet. Worth it if you ask me.
  3. Skiing. 10 years in Japan and about 4 weeks in total before then in Canada/.
  4. I've been here 10+ years now and that was of course by far the biggest and scariest I have felt. Makes you think what a big one right under our feet would be like, and I am really considering moving out of Tokyo. Where to, don't know. But I'm not feeling comfortable. Funny, when you come to Japan you know there are earthquakes, but nothing prepares you for something like this. I think lots of people simply shrugged off the threat but there are lots of people not reconsidering that attitude.
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