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  1. good idea when you're learning and stacking a lot, "paying your dues"... would also recommend knee pads
  2. had Black Diamond leather and goretex gloves for the last 3 seasons which were great and still very servicable. warm and i never had them wet out on me. this season i splurged and got leather Hestra 3-finger gloves which have been awesome so far. need to go back to japan for further glove testing...
  3. yes, I'd also like to know if you would be so kind as to share
  4. thanks for the info. on my last trip, i was constantly staring at that face coming off Hanazono 1 chair trying to figure out how to get to it!
  5. Man this thread is giving me serious withdrawals... I'm considering an emergency trip to Niseko 16 march to 23 - any idea what conditions I could expect ?
  6. My tardy report has been submitted and pictures are uploading as we speak. Many thanks again to Snow Japan for the contest and the lift ticket ! here's the album: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/gallery/album/284-niseko-hanazono/
  7. I received my pass and have used it. Many thanks for the prize ! Unfortunately, I'm now back in a very sad place named Reality and I am being punished for spending 12 days stuffing my greedy face with pow. I will have a report up with pictures just as soon as I can.
  8. Woot !!! Thanks SnowJapan !!! Will definitely put the prize to good use when I'm there in approx 1 week !
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