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  1. I searched all over Tokyo, even tried Akihabara, no joy. In the end I gave up looking. Ended up finding one in a ski shop in Hakuba Woohoo!
  2. Hi guys and gals, My wife and I went to Hakuba in January and loved it. Our Japan experience has really changed us, even now; all we seem to talk about is Japan. We are keen to go back again next year and for the most part I am quite comfortable about it. From all that I have read here are on the net else ware, we should be relatively safe by visiting Osaka for a few days, then to Tokyo for a day or two then up to Hakuba for a week or so skiing. By safe, I mean that we shouldn’t be close to the main area of contamination. My wife has brought up the question on food. All of the pla
  3. I am not a huge fan of people trying ot get compensation for this type of thing, although its easy for me to say that as I am sitting on the Gold Coast, well away from it all. I remember after 9/11 there was a massive outcry at the architects of the twin towers. There was a big investigation why they collapsed. They stated that the wrong steel was used and the wrong type of concrete. Umm no, the reality is because some morons flew a couple of fully laden air liners into them. The building would still be standing today if that hadent happened. Don’t blame the steel, blame the idiots who fl
  4. A soldier. Did that and had some life changing experiences (bad ones) and left the forces six years later. Kinda screws with your head that you have just done all that you ever wanted to do and your only 25 years old... Since started to work in the photocopier industry and love every minute of it to be honest.
  5. Originally Posted By: pie-eater Is this the world's worst zoo? ...No, the worlds worst zoo has only one animal, a dog. Its a Shih Tzu. ...sorry, couldnt help it.
  6. R.I.P. Osama Bin Laden - World Hide And Seek Champion (2001 - 2011)
  7. Pie Eater, I had one of those Evil Kneivel bikes! I have tried ot explain it a number of times to people but my explanations never do it justice! That thing was great. I used to have smash up derby cars too.
  8. My wife and I were genuinely moved by the country that we saw in January. The places and the people. I have been to many places around the world and no place has moved us like Japan. We will be there for sure next January. And the one after that and the one after ..... etc.
  9. Unless the plan is to make one out of Lizzy Taylor's wheel chair, you're outa luck mate.
  10. now that there is no current death and destruction, the Aus media have indeed gone off it. Charlie Sheen is no longer winning and it seems that the folks in the middle east are bombing each other again / still. No news on Japan of any substance in the last few days. I actually log on here to get the latest.
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