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  1. Born in Birmingham Grew up in Portsmouth. Family still there but I live and work in London. Not got to Japan yet sadly.
  2. Agreed! Sweet. Must get some new boots before winter. buying gear. Don't you just love it
  3. 22 was my first time in a very snowy Austria. Wasn't the best of times to be honest, my gf at the time broke her ankle and the time was cut short a bit. But I went back and got caught up in it all.
  4. Thinking about visiting Japan myself, might be the winter after next though. Someone please tell me what the rates will be like in about 14 months. Cheers.
  5. Hi folks Just wondering what you would recommend for someone like myself and indeed for my lady who will be skiing with me this next winter. She is still really beginner, though not total beginner, but I'd class myself as intermediate. I'm wondering whether it might be better to get out there maybe 3 or 4 times for 3 or 4 days each time, or to go for one big long holiday and fit it all into that. I can see us getting real tired with that though, but presume that the intense sessions will really help us improve. Any thoughts on that and what you have done? Cheers Dave
  6. Skiing. First time was in a year off after college when I was 22, in Austria. Would class myself as an intermediate skier, looking to push that up more but with sadly limited opportunity to.
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