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  1. Had a bit of a problem with one of the group so it's on hold for the moment but will keep on thinking about it!
  2. Thanks for the responses folks, interesting. Doesn't sound as bad as some places I know for sure.
  3. I hate the gym, it really doesn't appeal to me at all. How much do you guys pay for gyms over there?
  4. I would love an indoor place near where I am. Just the cool temps would be appealing never mind the exercise!
  5. Not a very exciting subject, sorry, but.... do places at/near resorts in Japan charge more than places a bit further out? Can I expect to be ripped off on the mountain? Cheers!
  6. Originally Posted By: panhead_pete Ah lucky you googie. Im in Baishan, Jilin Prov. Sounds like a great trip you are planning. I maybe in Shanghai around the 18th for 8 days or so, depends on the girl. Any suggestions on what to see if I get there? I guess the Expo for a day, mid week. Sorry for the thread hijack. So much to see and do other than watch all the building work go on! Have fun, it's easy to find!
  7. Yes that is very appealing to us. We have been a few times now though so this time round checking out another area.
  8. Thanks for the feedback folks. We are going to be renting a car, so the travel is actually going to be interesting. I'm in Shanghai, pete.
  9. We are thinking of doing a holiday in Nagano and taking in a few places. I would be interested to hear from people who have been to all the below how they think about this plan, and how many days they would stay in each given a total of perhaps 14 days. Nozawa - 3 days Shiga Kogen - 4 days Sugadaira - 1 day Madarao - 1 day Hakuba - 5 days We are all intermediate style skiers, and will mostly be sticking to the courses of a resort or close to them anyway. We like a bit of a challenge and trying out lots of different places, or thats what we are hoping for anyway. Thank
  10. I really want to go there but problem is about no other places closeby, for that reason we are choosing a base where there is a choice of places closeby
  11. Friends had a place in Niseko so we went and tried it out. Loved it, as you do!
  12. Skiing. I have only skied 4 times - total 15 days - in Niseko. This season, we are looking another place in Nagano/Niigata.
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