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  1. stopped counting at Christmas... It´s allways never enough, but more than the most people have, so it´s ok Austria (about 30+), Italy (5), Canada(9) ... Can´t wait for the new season starting!
  2. Thanks a lot for all your help! I´m already into learning some japanese... very funny by the way! It´s really helpful to hear that everything is not that complicated as i thought it is. We´ll definetly visit your appreciated places in hokkaido! sounds all really great. Greets from rainy europe, susanne
  3. Hey there, i´ve never skied japan before, but now we plan a trip for next year. We want to create a story for a german magazine about our rail-trip. We´re all three Tele-Skiers and not really keen on skiing on-pist for sure. That´s why i´d like to know where are the best skiing-areas to do some additional back-country walks and to find nice powder! We plan to visit the following districts: Tokyo (not for skiing), Nagano, Niigata, Hokkaido Another question is, if it is necessary to book some hotels or hostels already now, or is there allways an opportunity to get some place
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