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  1. Not in Japan. In south England. Want to be in Japan next February.
  2. My friend and I are thinking of visiting Hokkaido around Feb next winter.
  3. When I go overseas I almost enjoy the adventure of not knowing whats going on. Of course, there's a limit to that enjoyment! It can get tired after a point.
  4. Hi I've never been to Japan before but thinking about it after hearing about the snow and finding this place. What a brilliant resource! So, thinking of going and wondering how to go about it. Main thing - visit and spend time in big city (Tokyo or maybe just Sapporo?) or just concentrate on the skiing. I reckon going all that way it makes sense to spend at least a short while checking out Tokyo, but at this stage of (ahem) 'planning' not sure how to fit it in best. Any thoughts that might be useful from those in the know? We're thinking of going up to check out
  5. Dad took me to Scotland one winter to try out skiing. Loved it. Next season the family went to Austria.
  6. Only ever skied since I first went in Scotland 15 years back. Cheers dad.
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