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  1. I've got Heavy Rain ordered. I have font memories of point and click adventures. Will be interesting to see how this evolution turns out.
  2. Madonna - Celebration (damn need to delete that!) The Beautiful South - My Book Maid of Orleans - OMD Since I Told You It's Over - Stereophonics Electrobank - Chemicals
  3. I have been here quite a while but I still have not made it to Zao. Fantastic photos on here.
  4. Love seing the little kids going like that* They looks so cool in their gear. *as long as he ius enjoying it and not being forced into it by overbearing parents!
  5. I think one of the big differences which resorts can do nothing about is the fact that there are simply so many 'other' things to do now than there were 20 years ago. So much choice that simply wasn't there back then.
  6. Quote: But yeah, people try and extort any amount of cash they can from you if they are given the chance. Sadly some do - but not everyone!
  7. think yourself lucky! Back in those peak times there were some worse than nightmare queues. Think... getting back to Tokyo at 4am!
  8. First came to Japan 22 years ago and my friends at the time took me to Sugadaira in Nagano. Haven't looked back even though time on the snow seems to decrease every year due to work and body.
  9. I went there 15 years ago. From what I heard I might notice a few changes when I go next season!
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