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  1. Only missing the part where, due to time-zone differences, some participants are working on their first coffee of the day, while others are are finishing off their nightcaps.
  2. Seems to really be enjoying shopping for men's underwear.
  3. Actually, a combined trip with Tengendai... starts to sounds like a plan.
  4. Agree with this idea! Better be safe than to enjoy while taking risk! There still lots of beautiful mountains in Japan to conquer and explore without the need risk life! Just saying! Well, now that makes me feel I have to go back to Zao this year. Reassure my monster that he hasn't been forsaken.
  5. Lol lol lol. I guess you have never been to Yamanashi or have never read my posts. Yamanashi is nothing but mountains. No pears?
  6. Basically, yes. You install solar panels, and can sell any excess electricity that you don't use back to the grid at a fairly high rate.
  7. I've been known to partake of early-season slopes, including late-Nov. Marunuma. Never regretted it, just set expectations accordingly, and it can be fun. There won't be any park set up that early, though, if that is important to you.
  8. Zombies only eat brains, right? I figure I'm safe.
  9. I don't see any zombies in this picture: (Could there be just a hint of moderation at the end there...?)
  10. They look a lot nicer than some of the evacuated areas in the towns around Daiichi, I'd say. Or oil wells or coal mines. Regular batteries can only be recharged about 500-1000 times, for one thing. Some people are working on sodium batteries (actually, I think there are some commercial ones used for neighborhood energy storage), but that's not easy stuff to work with, either. Yes, I think there is about 25 GW peak hydro capacity in Japan, though don't know for how many hours it would last at that rate. And there really isn't much more that it could be expanded -- almost
  11. In the news a couple of days ago, the amount of solar panels installed or approved for installation since 3.11 has reached about 70 GW peak capacity, enough that a few districts have had to call a moratorium on subsidies for megasolar permits (homeowner-level tariffs unaffected so far). 70 GigaWatts! To put this number in perspective, Japan's entire pre-3.11 peak capacity output was 250 GW. Even knocking that solar number down by a factor of 5 to account for average insolation, the newly-installed solar panel capacity covers about 15 nuclear reactors. Holy crap. I don't know abou
  12. Again, though, car accidents probably occur at a relatively steady rate, no? So not a comparable issue.
  13. I can understand the manual transmission. For that much money, I certainly wouldn't settle for automatic. But 6.6 km/l... Not a good long-distance ski-trip vehicle, much as I hate to conclude.
  14. I saw that. I want! The originals did. Guess they figured not enough demand for the re-make. (Don't suppose there's a hybrid version, either?)
  15. AIDS, Malaria and hippo attacks have all reached steady-state incidence rates though, haven't they? This new strain of Ebola is still in the early, exponential growth stage. The key, I imagine, will be at what point it begins to slow down. If that is soon, then it will not become a big problem.
  16. The hard hat I carry in the back of my car should see me through all of the above.
  17. I admit to getting cynical about certain things, like official excuses for getting into yet another war, declared or undeclared. Other things I get gooey and mushy and earnest about, like disaster recovery. Ebola, though, not sure what to think. Objectively it seems pretty bad: 3 week incubation period, with initial symptoms that don't look that remarkable, so hard to contain, with high fatality rate (unlike Dengue, say, which always seemed like a non-issue to me). Also, we've been waiting for this particular virus to become a big problem for over 20 years now. Has its time finally co
  18. Of course we're winning. We're always winning. We're the Charlie Sheen of collective entities.
  19. I see booking.com have added new listings in the Inawashiro area that they didn't used to have. Impressed that they have provided full English blurb translations for even tiny little places. (French coverage seems a bit hit-or-miss.)
  20. We'll definitely achieve world peace, just as soon as we manage to kill this certain group of people over there. That'll do the trick for sure.
  21. Libertarian is not equivalent to right-winger. When I was growing up, leftists were more likely to be libertarians (keep the government's hands off my body) than the rightists, who were always trying to control everyone's private lives. Technically, though, the libertarian/statist axis is considered to be orthogonal to the left/right (liberal/conservative) one.
  22. I think that is indeed the issue. The news can't declare the victims officially dead until a doctor has signed the death certificates. Probably insurance, inheritance, and other legal issues involved.
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