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  1. Wish I was there right now its been stinking hot back here on the Sunshine Coast for some time.Things I like about winter in Japan is the cool change .So look forward to it.
  2. It gets abit confusing Manfredk.no matter what you get you will have agreat time over there.Check out a on line site called level nine sports .com I brought my fat skis thru them so helpfull and cheap they steered me in the right direction.Enjoy the snow.
  3. The beast was at the last round of the American supercross in Las Vegas that we went to in 2013.it was huge.
  4. Not going to Japan this year unfortunately .Jay my young bloke is in Canada.at Big White for the season.head off to visit him for his birthday on the 26th jan.Must say Japan snow looks heaps better think he is a little disapointed with the place so far.We have been spoilt by the Japow the past 6 years. At the Sumo restaurant get the big cook your own share bowl.great host and atmosphere.as are most places.
  5. Hi John.Snow junky.make sure you and the lads get to the Sumo restaurant in echo land.great night out.
  6. Yes it would be nice to live closer to the white stuff so you could duck up there when its good and not have to plan and book six months ahead.
  7. Had my hertsa gloves for about four years now all leather love them.but I only get about 18 days on snow each year.will give them the leather treatment before the next outing.
  8. Snuck over ot NZ for a few days skiing went to Mt Hutt ,Mt Dobson ,Round Hill and some ski touring at Mt Cook.August28th to 2nd sept.
  9. Just clicked on the new look is amazing.Well done to David and team at Snow Japan.
  10. You guys should be in Myoko snowed all night big flakes still snowing solid now.
  11. big white flakes started falling in myoko last night only just turned to small hard ones in the last hour about 6.30 just looked out the window now back to big flakes.back to aus for us tomorrow .have a great winter every one .
  12. have been watching it for a while pete had a bit you heading out this morning looks like 5cm on the railing and the snow is becoming heavier
  13. had a great time in shiga for our last day deepest snow l have skied in so far small black run yakebitaiyama up to my butt and blowing over my shoulders no one else on it this afternoon . lm hooked see you in myoko pete.
  14. Great time with Snow junky,Lynne,Hans,Steve,& Kev at Shiga to day stayed away from the windy area's and ha a blast. Tomorrow should be awesome.still snowing heavy here.
  15. Sleeping in the van has not slowed you down.Great pic's.Funny thing showed your photos to my sister in law who said you where cheating as you are being towed along.I didnt slap her just shook my head.
  16. Bags are packed.finnishing the paper work for the business off to bed then off to the airport.Hello Japan great to be back.
  17. No he's at Madro now then to Shiga and we are meeting up for a slide. before they head back to Aus.
  18. Will do Pete we leave Tuesday First week at Shiga and catch up with Snow junky.Then across to Myoko and catch up with you should be great may been reading every ones reports and pictures.When do you head off I will email phone number etc.Packing now have to work at kawana Monday then take off from the Goldie tues am.
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