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  1. I won!! That's the 1st time I've won anything in ages so thanks Marunuma Kogen and SJF - can't wait to check it out.
  2. Am getting serious snow-envy with all the pow you're getting in North America and Europe!! Come on Japan, bring it on!
  3. Originally Posted By: ippy nah, its the dude from the tourist office. unless of course that is you... Not me, honest guv - he eats Vegemite and I eat Marmite
  4. Originally Posted By: ippy Hey dude who is answering my silly questions who i think might actually post on here (or at least lurk a bit ), i cant see the prices on those 8 day tickets. whats the price? And over 3.5 weeks will it work out cheaper than shelling out for a season pass? Not sure if you're referring to me Ippy, but last year Alpine offered discount day passes and I worked out that if I bought a season pass for 56K (which I did) I'd break even after spending 17 days on the hill. It therefore all depends on how many other resorts you're planning to visit and whether you th
  5. Sorry Sand, I stand corrected - was just thinking of the traffic jams I've seen or been stuck in on national holidays in and around Tokyo. Last Dec 23rd I was babysitting my mother in Kyoto
  6. That's a useful reminder for both older and newer members alike. As one of the latter, I've found the forum to be not only an invaluable source of useful information but also a fun and friendly place, so much so that I find myself logging on before checking anything else online. I'd hate for that to change, so keep doing what you're doing! Cheers!
  7. I`m thinking of selling, rather than buying, so let me know if you can`t find anything
  8. From what I hear about Niseko, Furano doesn`t get as much pow (the most I experienced last winter was about 2 foot) but the locals say it`s much lighter, being further inland, etc, etc. Asahidake, however, is supposed to get shedloads, a "fact" I hope to substantiate this winter
  9. I`d second what RedLotus said about both Tomamu and Furano`s nighta! I`ve never been to Niseko but do want to check it out for a few days this winter, so will see you there instead
  10. Well it's all snow-dependant of course, but I'd like to go Hakuba for a day or 2 in the 2nd or 3rd week of December, then do a daytrip with MiniMoose on the 20th to somewhere in Nigatta and if I can squeeze it in before I head up to Hokkaido on 5th Jan, a Shink-trip to Gala
  11. The "park" is hardly that - a small kicker and a rail I think, both on the Kitanomine side. Apparently there used to be a halfpipe on the Furano side but for some unfathomable reason it was filled in! In any case, forget the park, Furano is all about the pow There is still a no off-piste policy but as was mentioned previously in this post, it's not as strict as it was. If the lifties or ski patrol see you ducking ropes or catch you off piste then they will warn you but I didn't hear of anyone having passes taken away last year. As always, if you're sensible and subtle about whe
  12. Now THAT, as opposed to KFC, is what I call Christmas spirit! The only problem I have is that my mum is visiting me over Christmas and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else
  13. Yeah, Alpine's a great place and would be my 1st choice! Furano's definitely NOT a party town. It's more famous in Japan for its summer lavender fields and being the location of a tv drama rather a ski resort. There are some bars but don't expect it to be anything like Niseko, which for many is it's appeal IMO the best bar is Ajitos which is conveniently located about 50 metres away from Alpine and means you can stagger and/or crawl home rather than get a taxi back from town!
  14. Sweet! Not sure how to send a PM so just to confirm, I live in Miyazakidai on the Den-en-toshi line (that runs from Chuo Rinkin to Shibuya) & will be carrying a 160cm snowboard bag
  15. Yeah, Pension Snowflake's good and also has a chilled-out bar and "genghis khan" bbq restaurant with (you'll be happy with this Ippy) dolsot bibimbab! Both Pension and Alpine Backpackers are in Kitanomine and about a 2 min walk to the gondola. I stayed at Alpine for 3 months last winter - it's a cool, laid-back place with friendly staff and a large, onsen -style bath to soak away those aches and pains I might be staying there myself if I can't wangle a winter-long job with free accommodation!! In any case I'll be in Furano when you're there Ippy, so will be happy to show you the ropes,
  16. Ippy, I spent last season in Furano and am heading back up there on 5th January! I`ll send you some more info when I get home tonight.
  17. I want to eat out as I'm too lazy to cook and wash up So The Tavern does roast turkey with all the trimmings??
  18. I was going to hijack the "Christmas supplies in Japan" post but thought I'd open this up:- Can anyone recommend somewhere in Kanagawa or Tokyo where I can get a decent Christmas dinner, as this'll be my 3rd consecutive Christmas abroad and I'm getting severe withdrawal symptoms! I should add that I'm British, so need Brussel Sprouts and pigs in blankets!!
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