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  1. Is he still in football or gone back to hairdressing? Back to topic, here's my report and review from the other day:- http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23916-tsugaike-kogen-monday-24th-march-2014/ Cheers!
  2. I made my third visit to Tsugaike last Monday courtesy of an unclaimed ticket from the SJ Giveaways, so a BIG thanks to SnowJapan and Hakuba Alpen Resorts for the chance to go back there. I chose Tsugaike over the other resort options for 2 reasons:- 1) It's very beginner-friendly so perfect for my other half's 5th ever day on a board and 2) I wanted to check out the top ropeway that Chriselle and I discovered last season:- http://www.snowjapan...ews/detail/2018 Assuming that you're not interested in beginner-shenanigans, here's a pictorial of my ropeway run:- 1. From the trail map
  3. I thought the same when I saw that Hakuba Iwatake had closed last weekend! Back to Myoko, shame you didn't get the conditions I had a few weeks previously snowdude. If you like tree runs, I'd definitely recommend giving it another go next season! In any event, thanks for the report and photos!
  4. and the culture. And the food. And the people. And the onsen, etc, etc.
  5. 33!!! Ah, the joys of living in Sapporo, eh TB! A not too bad 13 days for me, spread over 5 weeks and 11 resorts :-)
  6. Was still quite chilly in Goryu this morning but it got noticeably warmer the further you travelled down the Chuo Expressway. Obviously the heat from the urban jungle!
  7. Good fun thanks! Definitely Spring conditions now but those wide, lower slopes are perfect for beginner duty, which I was on, though I did get a couple of laps in at the top including a run on that ropeway. Will post some photos and more details when I get back later.
  8. Any wild guesses as to where on the afore-mentioned isle of Japan I might now be??
  9. Showing your age there TB ;-) T'was warm and very Spring-like at Goryu today. Looks like I missed the best (& perhaps the last of the best) conditions by a day. ざんねん :-(
  10. Am currently on route to Hakuba clutching an Alpen ticket so a big THANKS SJ!! Planning to use it at Tsugaike and report upon that top ropeway!! & I'd echo what onehunga said above. I've been lucky enough to benefit from a few tickets but would be equally as happy to see and hear about your days out on the slopes!
  11. Well it took me 2 seasons to finally get there, so you've plenty of planning time Punk! Like I've taken the red pill :-)
  12. Do you mean that they just run it slower or did they replace something faster? Not meaning to be funny GG, just don't know!
  13. Yeah, saw that on the news. Am planning to go there on Monday to hit that top ropeway.
  14. Thanks Andy! がんばりますよ~ I don't think there's much doubt about the (lack of) quality of the standard insoles, especially after a season or more of use. I guess if your boots aren't giving you any problems then it's just a case of finding something similar to the originals. For me, I'm fairly sure that I would benefit from some custom insoles, I'm just being tight-fisted trying to find an off-the-shelf upgrade like Superfeet et al. The search continues!
  15. Went into Tokyo with my boots yesterday but failed to buy any insoles! I found some Superfeet but having spent a couple of hours reading up about them online beforehand, the guy didn't seem to know much more than me and ignored and/or failed to understand my attempts to explain that I wanted them to fit the shape and not just the size of my feet. I tried on both the Greens and REDhots, but they both felt tighter in my right boot, which was no surprise as I think the latter are essentially a winter sports version of the former. I ran out of time before I could try the lower volume Blues, so ma
  16. Thanks for the info. Went to the Tokyo shops yesterday on the look out for some new boot insoles (and to check out the end-of-season sales ) and noticed that One Make (where I bought my boots) have moved to bigger premises across the road and their old place is now a "Tune Up Shop", with a guy out front working on boards, almost on the pavement. Picked up a leaflet with details and prices but haven't decoded it yet!
  17. Saw the highlights of the closing ceremony this afternoon and was chuffed to see some bmx riding!
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