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  1. Well I think it was them though couldn't be sure about Fran Healy as he was sporting a huge Santa-esque beard not too dis-similar to this one:-
  2. The Travis back catalogue, after seeing them in Tokyo on Sunday!
  3. Sounds a bit like a ploughman's lunch! God knows how many years it's been since I've had one of those!! Bring out the Branston!!!
  4. Funny you should say that because I was going to suggest Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, as a result of experiencing my one and only street gunfire incident when I visited there. Scary as!!
  5.  Can you hurry up with part 2 ippy, my tea's getting cold!!
  6. Thanks guys for the info - much appreciated! Yes please!
  7. Nice one TB! My local supermarket was eerily quiet today when I went in for hanami supplies - everyone must have done all their shopping y'day. Felt so odd that I forgot to check the toilet paper aisle, so am unable to verify stocks down here!
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies! Re: the tv fee, don't NHK have any powers of enforcement for non-payment such as penalty fines, etc? Re: the credit card, I'm not too fussed about points (airmiles excepted), I'm just fed up of paying the extra fees involved in transferring money to pay off my British visa card!!
  9. A couple of questions for those of you who live here:- 1. Re: NHK tv licence fees. I was given a tv just over a year ago and being my first tv, never thought twice about licence fees until the weekend when someone told me that I should be paying something!! So my first question is, does everyone pay this? 2. Re: Japanese Credit Cards. After 4 and half years here, I'm thinking that it's about time I got a Japanese credit card but I've heard that it's not so easy as a foreigner. Question 2 is therefore what credit cards would you recommend and why? (actually that's 3 questions but you
  10. Thanks for the report TB. I've only been there once and like you and goz say, the tree lines look good but I was also unlucky with the conditions so couldn't enjoy them. I've heard of some good accommodation and pass deals there however, so might have another bash next season.
  11. Yeah, I hate that feeling, whether you're on the slopes or the roads, when you come over a brow or round a blind bend and are confronted by something that you can't avoid!! Scary as!! Anyone know what happened to the guy?
  12. Are you a robot in disguise? Answer "Tsugaike Kogen" if yes, you are a fembot or "No, I'm a real human being with real feelings so please don't doubt my race or masculinity" if you are indeed made of flesh and blood!
  13. All good suggestions but sadly there can only be one winner.............Metabo! Yes, I saw them and DO have photographic evidence to back up this claim but onehunga is currently fixing my computer so you'll have to wait until he's finished before I can upload anything!
  14. That's funny! So is "TK" really a robot in disguise?? Afraid so Muika! On the plus side I guess that would mean less competition for fresh lines but if it was a good day, you could easily get through a few thousand Yen!
  15. Too late now I know, but for future reference, I'd agree with the choice of Tsugaike Kogen due to the width and gentle gradient of the lower slopes. I also remember thinking the same about the lower slopes at neighbouring Norikura, which connects with Cortina. Looking outside of the Hakuba valley, in fact beyond Honshu, I always think Furano up in Hokkaido is good for beginners, with wide, lower slopes on both the Furano and Kitanomine sides of the resort. Perhaps that explains why you always see Japanese school trips and the SDF training there.
  16. How the hell did I miss this post!!! What's the allure of Mt G? Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but maybe this will help:- http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resort-reviews/detail/2029 Mick (aka Club Granview Member #5)
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