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  1. I am looking for NY's eve places in Hakuba. Any suggestions?
  2. My kids have been skiiing for a number of years, and are eager to take up boards. I am wondering where the best hill is for beginners. We will be hitting Tsugaike, Cortina, Goryu and Happone on our coming trip.
  3. Originally Posted By: MikePow **** get over it. Happens in every town in the world every drinking night. And fyi, the local Aussie was a Kiwi. No, it doesn't happen in every town in the world. Only amongst the ignorant who think drinking to excess is a good reason to harass others and cause physical pain. Of course if this is part of growing up and the culture in your town, then that is fine. But the Japanese are never eager to see a bunch of foreigners come and get in fights, even if it is amongst themselves. If it becomes a common occurrence, look for a heavier police presen
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