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  1. No resort reviews or photos for me. (Which I will rectify this year!)
  2. A mate of mine was doing the Nozawa reports back in 07/08. He gave me the honour of doing 4 or 5 while I was there. We worked in random words to change them up a bit. CAVOK was my favourite - Ceiling and Visibility OK
  3. Awesome news!! Very pleased it's a positive outcome. When reading the article that schneebored posted i thought it was going to say: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.’s top Japan executive was found alive and conscious after spending the night in AN EMERGENCY TELEPHONE BOX in Niigata prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, a police official said.
  4. The russians think it'll be a cold winter. The coldest one for 1,000 years in fact! http://rt.com/prime-time/2010-10-04/coldest-winter-emergency-measures.html
  5. When I was deciding on my Nozawa accommodation this year I was put off by one place that had use of the village run hot springs as part of their package deals. What a load of crap. They're free and for everyone! Honesty when advertising is appreciated.
  6. SJ, Any chance the links to the Nozawa Webcams could be fixed? Something seems to have gone awry in the last couple of weeks.
  7. The building design is based on the original mcd's which is a bit different to what you normally see. Two big arches form part of the building. There were a few photos and info etc about how mcd's started. I thought it was interesting.
  8. I highly recommend the Mcdonalds in Iiyama. The supermarket was also impressive.
  9. Just to ease your mind, at Nozawa there is a giant measuring pole pretty close to the top of the Nagasaka gondola. It's roped off so you can't get near it. They take their Yamabiko (top of mountain) measurement there which is a little strange as it isn't really on Yamabiko. It probably turns out that they are under reporting the snow depth as I'm sure their would be more further up the mountain.
  10. I'm picking Wales to win it again. (sorry xxx)
  11. Slumdog millionaire was pretty good. I couldn't figure out it if it was a bollywood film or just a western film about indians. There was a musical number with the whole cast dancing as the credits rolled though. Burn after reading. Really good Coen brothers movie. Highly recommended.
  12. Nozawa has been fairly average from mid mountain down for the last week. We had a good fall of snow to village level on thursday night and into friday but apart from that its been snowboarding up top and wakeboarding at the bottom.
  13. Awesome shots there. Not surprised that you love Zao!
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