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  1. Price tag was actually just over 330,000 yen all included!
  2. I use Firefox coz that's what wuz on my machine when I got it.
  3. I'm interested to know what is supposed to be so bad about itunes. I use it and it seems to do the job just fine (ie. sticking tunes on my ipod). I don't think I need it to do anything other than that. (Do I?) Can't say I have used any similar software or felt the need to. Perhaps I am missing out on something amazing I never knew I needed.
  4. Would love to see Dave Matthews Band - don't suppose they'll be taking the trip to rural gifu though
  5. Hi there, new here. Has anyone else learned to drive in Japan? I am wanting to learn and just looking into it and was quite shocked at the amounts of money involved. It sounds like a total ripoff especially compared to back home (Canada) - almost might be worth going home just to learn!! I find the little learning school courses quite cute though
  6. Ski + snowboard. I was snowboarding more until last winter when I went back to skiing.
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