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Originally posted by veronica:
Why did they call themselves Apple and not another fruit?
Who knows but they make Gates and Pentium look like Lemons ;\)
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Great news... Clearly, this blazing speed is going to help me type my e-mails faster and save me a nanosecond when I hit "save" in Word. Worth the thousands-of-dollars upgrade I'm sure.


Then when the Wintel world comes out with the next of the endless one-up products, I'd better get that too. Surely my typing and reading will get much faster.


I'm pretty sure these blazing processors and giant RAM chips are creating a vacuum, sucking information faster than ever off the Net, in spite of my lowly 600kb connection speed.





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obviously Badmigraine you have never tried video editing on a slow crappy crash prone PC.....its incredibly frustrating!!!

Sure the average punter emailing and surfing has no need for such power, but people using the computer for such intensive activities as video and graphics will really appreciate the new G5

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i certainly am thinking bout trading in my imac for a G5!!!!

i cant part with my lappy (g4 powerboook)

but im not soo attached to my flowerpower imac!



i will appreciate the g5'ness! will make editing so much quicker!! \:\)

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Ok here is a question for the computer jocks. why is an apple 3mhz chip double the speed of the intel chip? whats the diff?


Second I like to game a little not a lot what selection would i get with mac.


Editing home videos and pictures will it really be that much easier, explain a bit more than oh yeah its much faster.


Will my digital camera still up load my pics or do I have to buy compatable software or a new compatable camera. current Kyocera camera 3.3 mega pixels?


What about my current pics on my hard drive are they transferable to a new mac from a pc?

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My sis works in an ad/graphic design company where all of the computers are Apples...they crash just as much as my Wintel ones do. My architect friend said the same thing. Mogs' Mac crashes too.


Nothing against Apple or Macs. I'd sure like to receive one. I'd like to receive a new Windows machine as well or instead. And there are a lot of other things I'd like to receive.


The real issue here is not how excited the marketing people can make you get about the next incremental speed or capacity increase...of course you always want the latest and greatest. Same with cars, women and drugs. I mistrust this kind of consumerist "wanting.


No, the real issue here is, screw the nanoseconds and give me back the 10 minutes I have to wait every day while my computer reboots from crashing during simple web-surfing, word processing and e-mail tasks. And give me a spam-proof, hacker-proof, virus-proof computer.


Think that's too much to ask for?


Then I think you've been duped by the marketing folks.


The fastest computer ever made!!




I want one! Fast! Fastest ever!


Think about it: ever since the first computers were made, one or the other of them has been "the fastest computer ever made"...now the G5 can be called that for a few months. What's new or great or special about this? Not a lot. Maybe some people with a lot of cash who are thinking of buying a new computer should consider this one, but it will not make a big difference in their lives or jobs...certainly nothing to match the multi-million-dollar hype about it all.


Go on! Fork over that cash! Whatever you get will still crash and about 18 months later you will be trying to think of ways to drop another $3000 on the latest fresh hot turd to come plopping down with all the hoopla and giant-screen talking head propoganda.


It's been over a decade and nobody did this yet: a hack/virus-proof computer that doesn't crash. They all crash. They all suck...really...think about it...they stink. So does the G5. Would you even keep a TV, car, blender or condom that broke 1-5 times per day?


You have to be your own IT professional just to keep your computer in regular working order.


And you are supposed to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every couple of years--just to keep doing mostly the same stuff you were already doing...thanks for nothing...give me a dollar for every crash and maybe I will be happy.


As for video editing, is that really the main, every-day, major use of your computer? The idea of doing video editing at home is really quite new and extraordinary. It's a luxury item like a fur coat or a Mercedes. How many people around the globe are needing to do video editing on a home computer that they bought themself, and also have a video camera too? (HINT: the kind of people who can afford the new G5! Amazing isn't it!! These marketing guys sure are smart!!)


Nothing against it, I sure would like to edit vids at home maybe 2-4 times per year. The rest of the time it is good old Net and e-mail for me.


Step back a bit and look at what we are being told we need to drop our hard-earned cash on, why it is necessary and what we would actually get for the money.


Can't you see the same old tedious hype here?


The G5...it won't change anything or anybody.


Same goes for Wintel's next fresh hot turd too.


...just one man's skeptical opinion about the dog-chasing-a-tail "progression" in the computing world.



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Agreed, completely.




Intel already have a chip in the works that will match or exceed the G5, so Apple users haven't won and Apple hasn't beaten the PC. What has happened is that all other improvements on either platform have again been sacrificed to speed, and the big increase in speed will no doubt bring about a big increase in new problems too. As I understand it, you can't even use your current software to gain any speed benefits with the G5 - it has to be rewritten to get the speed. The new software won't come free either.


As a real improvement, how about making modular, expandable computers? I had to buy a new computer the other day just to handle a particularly big file, so now I have two computers. I'd like to have been able to upgrade just the processor and memory, as the box, fan, and drives all worked fine. That would be a genuine advance from the POV the consumer.


The things that actually need to be done now don't even require much engineering (or marketing) skill to pull off. We should be less welcoming of developments that aren't needed.

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I think the new machines are beautiful. Apples design teams are the best. They really pay attention to the details that matter. As far as the "fastest computer in the world" thing goes.... thats typical Steve Jobs. "Fastest, revolutionary, best ever, blah blah blah" ...He's a great spokesman, and apple has proven yet again that they are the masters of hype.


Ocean- what kind of file was it that you needed to buy a whole new computer??? PC's are quite upgradeable these days....

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ok the reason i use a mac over a pc....


Macs when it comes to editing are i think easier to use you can use ur keyboard with short cuts theres no need to continually go between ur mouse and keyboard...


(this is just my preferances)

and they seem to run more smoothly with video footage (this is just from my experanices)


Theres always competition to make the fastest computer its rediculas...


as for games on macs... its a very poor selection...

macs are made for graphics and editing rather than word processing and gaming.


i dont wanna go in to the mac pc arguement so keep in mind the opionions above are just that "my opinions"



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if you have a desktop (not a laptop), you can upgrade just the processor, or memory, or ram, or video card...practically every component in there...some are more costly than others (changing the processor involves buying a new motherboard...), but the others like memory are as simple as opening the box and sticking it in the slot...


the average consumer doesnt want to build his/her own computer and shop for each part...but lots of people do...


as for hack proof/virus proof computers...that is more a software/network issue than actual computer hardware...crashing is also more related to software than hardware, so yell at microsoft or OSx before you yell at the processor...


and ocean, you are right, most software can not even come close to taking advantage of the gajillabit-super-duper processors...



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To all the above points, yes and no...


The new Mac is more than just a faster chip.


At sixty hours plus a week working with files in excess of 100 MBs, I could use a faster chip to placate my type A rage... most users don't need it/wouldn't notice the difference.


Fattwins, many of your Qs are software ones, not hardware.


At 60 plus hours a week using OS 9.1, I get 1-2 crashes wasting 2-5mins aweek. Not too bad...


At 15 hours a week, i've yet to crash OS X! (and I've friends yet to crash theirs, too. Macs are pretty damn stable.


Dont buy the first generation, unless, of course your company/mummies/daddies are getting it for you. You'll get more for less by christy...

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Originally posted by s_f_g / sam:
Macs when it comes to editing are i think easier to use you can use ur keyboard with short cuts theres no need to continually go between ur mouse and keyboard...
we have been over this topic over and over. But I have to say that the above 'benefit' of a Mac machine is just not true.

Even if the keyboard shortcut is available on the Mac it is not made obvious at all. Often the menu does not even list the hot key combo next to the menu item. I also hear that teh spell checker is stuffed on the Mac.

As for crashing. I must say, my OSX mac almost never crashes. It did manage it twice in front of EnderZ and he even said "wow, you managed to crash a Mac". He was impressed ;\) . OS9 was different, didn't like that crap at all.

As for the latest fastest thing, it is great, good on them. However, as has been suggested, it would be even better if just as much effort could be put into other aspects of every day computer use.

(ps - I am slowly migrating to a Wintel box as I am tired of my MAcs inability to run specialist s/w. Not to mention MS Excel at a decent performance level).
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My file was a 500 page manual full of graphics and sundry bells and whistles. Translating it with translation memory software meant that it was getting bigger all the time. I looked at my two memory slots and the processor welded to the muvver board, and decided that a new computer would be the easiest option (especially as I told my client I was upgrading just for them, and the cost of a new computer was just a small fraction of my fee...)


When I say upgradable, I mean endlessly so, not just once. And I don't mean where you have to open the case.


C'mon Steve Jobs, you one-shirt visionary you. How about processors with little handles on that you just plug into a slot on the outside of the box when you need more power?


And sfg_sam, how can you keep saying the same thing when you've been told repeatedly that it's wrong? When Bill Gates stole the Mac interface, he stole keyboard shortcuts too. What, you think all of Adobe's Windows software comes without keystrokes? If you don't want the same argument, stop saying the same (wrong) thing. Try to 'Think different' like a good Mac user would. :p

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