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Yeah i was down at Perisher for that big dump. That was epic. Just awesome. I got to Kamikazi for first tracks. Stoked. Everywhere was awesome. I've only riden at Perisher this year because thats were i got a season pass for. I would have liked to have checked out Hotham, but didn;t get the chance.

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hi J-sliders \:\)


It has been a pretty good season here in aus this year.... I've had some epic days, ripping through blackened forests(from the bushfires) full of fluffy pow.... here's a bunch of pics & movies of me & my mates, at various points in the year.


first trip of the season:



just after the first monster dump (over a metre in 3 days) - the AVIs are pretty kewl:



just after the second really big dump (75cm in 36 hours) - dates are secret cos i took sickies ;\) :



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Nice pics there - thanks for the links.


It's a bit weird seing those distinctive Oz trees with snow under them. I think those rocks would be roped off if that was Japan...


Are there any really challenging steeps there?

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glad u like em \:\)


forgot to add this bunch in as well >




thredbo & perisher dont have much in the way of continuous steep stuff, but there are a few short steep sections which are wicked on a powder day. I've never been to the victorian resorts so i cant say.


the aussie gums are lovely to board in - very colourful & unique. this one is my favourite, taken by my pal owen >



this guy's got some good aussie snow photos too >



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Sick photos there! Nice one.


Aussie gums really are great fun to rip through. My pants are so damn dirty from all the charcoal from the burnt out trees. I don't think they will ever be the same again. The pants that is. But dang its all good fun.


I wa actually really suprised at some of the snow quality this year. Especially after that big dump, it was really nice and dry.

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yip, nothin wrong with aussie powder - just that it donest last all that long, but who cares - we've tracked it all up by then anyway, right?



& yeah, my jacket is covered in black streaks now \:\(

someone on ski.com.au forums reckoned it comes out with soap flakes, but it didnt work very well for me.... pretty crappy old jacked anyway, time for a new one - preferably black!


woywoy, i prefer thredbo on a powder day, but i like perisher too - the terrain parks are far better there, & if its windy, it holds the snow better than thredbo. but the golf course bowl is fab... last week it was total "marshmallow land".

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You heading down again this season alferg? It seemed to get a bit warm down there today but there is still a decent amount of snow so Im thinking about going again very soon. Where else do you hike at Perisher? Have you ever hiked across to that next valley on skiiers right as you get off the quad at merritts?

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Oops I forgot to mention the part about the snow quality. If you get up there once it has softened up a bit its` alright or after some snow. Hardly anyone ever goes off there so the landing won`t be too chopped up.You just have to put in a few turns then traverse across onto the t-bar track. There is a part that sticks out a bit further than the rest of the track>just go off there. Sure you`ll work it out!!

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woywo, im hoping to get down there again but work might get in the way.... just have to see how it goes. the frog is tipping a decent dump for 13-16th, so might aim for that if i can.


otherwise there's plenty of base for a sunny weekend in the terrain park later this month/early next month.


i only do short hikes generally, so i havent done any long hikes at perisher (other than back to the t-bar out to skiier right from mt Perisher - I forget the name) ... although i did dead horse gap (this is us on our way there below) but i now know where the name comes from - the poor horse probably died of boredom! its very flat most of the way...




some of the other pics from that trip are at stanleys, which is the valley you are talking about, but its skiiers left from merrits, isnt it? (cos the skiier is facing downhill!). it was a 1/2 hour hike there, & a 1 hour hike out through thigh-deep snow & bushes at the bottom... i'm glad i didnt go! some of my mates did it - most of these avi's & pics are taken there - it looks sweet, but thats a awful lot of hking...



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I think to display those photots you have to be logged in to yahoo photos (which i assume most of us are not)- I got the location you gave and put it in by browser address bar and was told to sign in or get permission from the photo owner or something. try uploading them to somewhere elece and re posting them.


good luck.

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A little late, but I always like to chime in on snowbeds, and It has got to be said.


The place sucks - sure it's 3000 Yen, but what do you get? A crappy bed, and 2 lungs full of Carbon Monoxide from those ancient keroscene heaters.


To be fair, Yoshi is great, really friendly and helpful, but . .


Mitch has his head up his ass - always piss drunk, totally useless as a manager, or owner, or whatever the hell he is. If he knew what he was doing, he could run a really successful biz, but instead he's is just an asshole - rude to his customers, underpays his staff, and won't hook you up with info or anything unless you are an Australian ?!? Always pimpin' his lousy video, full of shots of himself and other crappy Aussie snowboarders falling down all over the place.


Won't give you the time of day if you are a seppo, god forbid - as if Australians have some kindov lock on the sport of snowboarding, or can even compete with the Americans whom they love to criticize.


Mind you this is not some kind sour criticism of Autralians in general (I'm not American), just a criticism of Australians that have this whack ass inferiority complex that they wanna prove that they are somehow better than Americans at snowboarding - What the hell is with that attitude ? Any Aussies with some intelligence and perspective care to chime in ? If you are seriously judging someone based on their nationality - you've got problems man. I was nauseated by it (the attitude at snowbeds) time and time again, give it up already, you are not better, not even close and who even cares? It would just be so cool to go to an "international" type place, meet people, and have fun without all of the nationalistic attitude, but no.


But yeah I said it, the guy can't snowboard - I don't care if you can drop steeps or ride ridges in powder - that sh*t is fun, but it is NOT difficult at all, and there is nothing in the Hakuba region that comes close to scary (extended 50 degrees plus run) - I rode with sooo many fools like that last season who loved to brag that they could CHARGE THE POWDER ! ! ! As if that were somehow difficult, but get them in the pipe/terrain, and it turns into a junior-high school field trip.


Mitch is always trying to start shit with the 47 patrol - I don't know why - either trying to maintain some cavalier bad-boy attitude that he lacks the personality to project, or trying to promote the off-course glory that is not to be found at H47 - unless you want to get in a fistfight with patrol, or banned for life from the resort, as Mitch has.


New Years was crap-o-la city. I mean, come on, this is New Years, the one night of the year that people are supposed to party , and that was the best him and crew could do ? Completely and totally, pathetic, but what else should I have expected?


Some people have fun when they go to Snowbeds, becuase they are one week a year types, who are happy to meet some new people, drink a lot, snowboard a lot and do it all cheaply. Great! Seriously. Have fun y'all - tear it up, but I hear more than my fair share of complaints about the place and so I think Hakuba would be better off without it.


Give the lease to someone who isn't a rich-ass momma's boy skating through life on his girlfriend's sweat.


Had to be said.


Don't go to Blowheads. There are plenty of cheaper, better places to stay and ride/ski.


By the way, great pics, all.

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So your not a Snowbeds fan aye barok?


This Mitch character sounds like a fair tosser and unfortunately every nation has it'f fair share of them. It is people like this who really p!ss me off as they give us Aussies a sh!tty name. But like i said, there are these types everywhere, best just to avoid them me thinks!


Although i do think you are being a little harsh on the quality of Aussie snowboarders. There are some damn fine riders out there and i'd kill to be as good as them. I have come across a whole bunch of w@ankers in this fine sport of ours. Some Aussies, some Americans, Canadians, Europeans... everyone. Personally i don't bother with them. I'm on the mountain to have fun and not worry about what the d!ckheads on the mountain are doing. I'm there to ride with my mates or by myself. Screw the arseholes - they worth it the time of day. They aren't worth getting all fired up about either. They just aren't worth it.


Just my $0.02.

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Dont worry barok, he was rude and arrogant to me as well. Came across like a total child. Moron would actually be closer.


As for Australians.... I do actually smell a bit of what you say in many Australians and also NZ'ers. I cant really put it into words at the moment.


When I was in Switzerland the biggest jerks I met were Australians and Kiwis. They were so arrogant and full of there "I coundn't be more snow board if I tried" air about them. There were jerks from other countries as well, but most were OZ/NZ. One common element that they had was a kind of 'I am more of a local here than you' attitude. When the truth was, they were gits working in a stinky kitchen and boarding only 3 times a week.


I do not want to get up the nose of any kiwis by saying this... so sorry if I do: The loser attitude I see in many Australians when overseas is the same attitude that I see in many kiwis when they are in Australia. This is not just on the snow. The biggest jerks I knew in banking in Australia were kiwis. Now I am in Tokyo, the biggest jerks I meet in banking are usually Australians. This is obvioulsy not a balanced playing field on which to judge as banking is generally full of jerks anyway \:D


Just for the sake of peace: The only kiwis I have meet in Japan have been from this forum... and they did not at all resemble the OZ/NZ jerk that I am talking about. To me they seemed quite 'nationality neutral'. All of the great Australians in Japan I have meet have also been via this forum, so perhaps this forum attracts all round great people.


I think I have called enough people a jerk for one day. I am probably one myself.

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sbf, yeah, sorry if I came across harsh on Aussie snowboarders, I know there are pros, and I actually admire the drive that Aussies seem to have to go to foreign countries and eek out a living whilst snowboarding. Most American riders don't even consider it, so good for the Aussies.


It is just that alot of the Aussies that I have met lack the attitude to match. I don't get what's up with that.


And yeah, there are plenty of clowns in this sport from all over the world, It really bugs me, because I think of snowboarding as something worth living for, and I know these people are having plenty of fun too, so I don't get where the attitude comes in.

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