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How much would a beast like this cost to put together:


19インチ液晶モニタ付 DVD編集パッケージ

HTテクノロジ インテル® Pentium®4 プロセッサ エクストリーム・エディション 3.73GHz

2GB(512MBx4) デュアルチャネル DDR2-SDRAMメモリ

ハードディスクドライブ(RAIDなし):400GB SATA HDD



Creative® Sound Blaster® Audigy 2 ZS PCIカード

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Right these are all average prices. you could no doubt get a better deal if you dug around. And dont forget many places offer discounts..i.e. points card systems...here we go

P4- 3.8HT 37,770

2Gb DDR2 24,800

ATI X850XTPE 74,800

Audigy 2 ZS Pro 25,211

400GB SATA 33,000

19inch LCD 44,800 (not the cheapest but a brand I highly recommend)

DVD DL multi 7,280

So far the pricetag comes to 247,661. You didnt include a motherboard or case/mouse/keyboard so

Motherboard 24,980

case 20,000

mouse/kb 15,000

these prices are just estimates.

so total price here is


now with this kinda package you are gonna get a discount. lets use 12%

with a 12% points discount the final price is, 274,680 . Not bad I think and change left to buy an mp3 player. \:\)

Again I reiterate this is just an estimate and not to be taken as anything else but.

I have a question...why do you want something this powerful? to play games? Just curious as to the need for all this power...

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I recently bought a set of Logitech 5.1 speakers for my pc, only about ichiman and they are superb. The difference it makes in sound is incredible, and music sounds much better too. Not sure the neighbours will be too keen though, I have been trying to be good.

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I wood imagine a stereo track is treated the same way as it wood be if pumped through a 5.1 receiver - that is, it would be processed by a Pro-Logic processor rather than a 5.1 (Dolby Digital/DTS) processor, since it's a 2.0 track?

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Well I'm not sure on the technicalities of it all, but they sure sound good. And music is definitely coming out of the 2 rear speakers and the bass is doing well as well. (Not sure whats going on with the front central one.)

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