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Here's the real story:

Yesterday the Hakuba crew headed over to Goryu to try and get some bc action. Although denied gondola access due to invisible high winds, FT persevered in his search for the 'ultimate line'.

"I've had my eye on this line since last summer when I first found it", he affirms, " and today mother nature cooperated, the timing was right and the cars were parked close enough to provide serious consequences should I lose an edge EBC-style", FT added with conviction. The usually jovial Fat Twins was now deadly serious.

FT checks on the sun, before checking his avalung, beacon and the rest of his safety gear. Kids, don't try this at home.



It was finally go time! FT decided to screw the ski cut & the pit, he'd just rely on his gut instinct. He'd never been wrong before...could this be the end of his luck?

FT yelled to the cameraman (yours truly) "are you ready??!!" and when I gave him the thumbsup he yelled "drop in!" and gunned it.



It was over in a flash. 45 degree pitches tend to do that. FT flew perilously close to the parked vehicles but somehow he hung on and threaded the needle.

but the danger was far from over. He was still in an ice-covered no-fall zone with more cars looming! This was when FT flew round the corner and carved to a stop.



Yeah baby! Who's your daddy now? FT gives the parking lot a new haircut thumbsup.gif


stay tuned for more FT smackdowns as he seeks out and conquers more of Hakuba's deadly terrain.

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Why isn't there anyone in the car opening and closing the door? I mean, how else to you make up for a lack of hoar? Oh wait, is that EBC in the back ground? Why didn't you tackle him!? he totally had an open field!


Goddamnit, that commercial worked. Now I need an avalung.

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