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Originally posted by sock_monkey:
i got spanked.
Spanking the Monkey is another thing entirely, innit?! lol.gif

Other alternatives:

I went Head over heels
I went Arse over head
Had a Pile-up
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Here's a few from my injury collection.


I got Spakeled...Got Spakeled

I got Pounded...

I got Whipped..

Creamed...(A bit lame though)


I just got Mega Kartwheeled ...I'm sure we have all experiencec that at one point...



That will do for now.. \:D

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This is more common in BMX crashes, but when someone starts to swing their arms around in mid air anticipating a crash, I like to use the term "air swimming"


some people can really look like their doing the front crawl.

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