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No doubt most of you came here excitedly thinking this would be all about the fabulously handsome and charming Royal Prince of the same name.

But no.


But hey, wills.

Have you got a "will" sorted out?


I had a rubbish home-made makeshift one a number of years ago, which probably had zero legal standing, but have been sorting out a proper one this summer with the help of a solicitor type.

It's amazing(ly) eye-opening how 'they' would distribute your 'estate' if you don't instruct them in a will.

Even if for a shall chunk of change, I would say its worth doing.

Better to state where you want your Shakey albums, rare 12" remixes and jumpers to go, rather than they be given to someone who would not appreciate.


The more complex thing to ponder is.... if you have dosh in UK (or insert 'home country') and also Japan, what's the deal there?


I have been advised to have two wills one in each country, each referring to each other (basically telling the other not to crash in on the content of the other. Or something like that).


It's really not something you want to think about, but it jolly well should be done I think.


I bet Shakey has one.

And Shinzo Abe.

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I made one last year.

Very simply it was but if I hadn't done it, someone I don't like would have got half my money.

Not that I have that much of it!

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Making house and all we are going to be doing this soon, it's on the list.

Though knowing who to go to etc is a different matter.

Can't say I'm particularly excited about doing it but it needs to be done.

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Presume you mean 1, Metabo Oyaji. But anyway, I got my UK one done here of course, just a local solicitor.

As for Japan, no idea. I can imagine some English speaking dudes would charge the earth (plus tax), so need a good search there.

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