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As the wife attends a course in Tokyo tomorrow I plane to go Fuji-San. Going in from north by train from Asaka Saitama and bus to the 5th stage. Staying overnight somewhere over 3200 m. Will be the first and only time! About time after coming here for 33 years.


I am used to walk in the mountains up to 3000 m, but not up to 3700 yet.


Any advice?

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, slow down, and if it gets really bad, accept that you'll have to turn around and go back down. By staying overnight you're giving your body a little more time to acclimatise before the summit, so I'm sure you'll be fine, especially if you're relatively fit and used to hiking up to 3000m.


Check the weather and make sure you're prepared for wet/cold conditions. Bring plenty of snacks and fluids to keep you going. Be prepared to be waiting at bottlenecks, its a very busy mountain!

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Fujisan at night even this time of year can go down almost to zero.

When I climbed at night it got down to 4oC.

You will need winter clothes with you although not crazy thick.

I recommend wearing tracksuit trousers as they are soft and flexible ideal for climbing.

Even up there at night you can dehydrate especially as the air gets thinner and your body has to work harder so bring plenty of liquids.

You can buy food and drink at each station but the prices are crazy.

Your better off to pack some sandwiches and snacks and eat a decent meal before you climb ideally high in carbs for energy.


If it rains it will absolutely feezing and will be very slippery so check the weather and bring a raincoat, etc accordingly.

Sturdy footware is a must.


If you become short of breath you can buy oxygen cannisters at each of the higher stations not cheap though.

Station 6 and 7 are usually not busy as most all find climbing to as far as 7 a piece of cake and normally just make a short stop.

Once you get to 8 you notice a difference and by the time you get closer to 9 it is nothing but a human trafic jam as the gongi gets tougher and everyone slows down, it will be like this until you reach the peak.


When my brother and I climbed it we set off from station 5 around 9pm and arrived at the peak around 3am. We rested there and waited for the sunrise was very beautiful.


As we had clear weather going up the climb was great lots of stars and shooting stars and the imagination you have of what the mountain looks like close up as it is dark you dont know.


The decent through fog and drizzle through to sunshine lower down was nowher as nice and surreal as the climb up.


You will see what I mean if it is dark when you set off.


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Thank you for your answers, and happy to hear there is no surprise. Getting older may be this is my last chance.

The airport security always look very strange at my, coming with mountain boots and thick clothing. Everything off and thrue the scanner. The long woolen underware however stays in the suitcase, but happy I brought them along.


This time I have only needed the boots for a shot walk around Mugitooge, so far. The other stuff stayed in Asaka, beside the rain clothing.


Tubby, whether I reach the top or not, I will tell you if my massucistic tendecies got fulfilled.


Snow dude, I don,t go for the sunrise, but hope to be able to sleep on, when the others get up (hopefully).


MagSeven, thank you for the support, it seems I am well prepared.



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I will come back to you on that one, sitting in Narita on the way back to Copenhagen. 10 min to boarding.


But it was nice!




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