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The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

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Don't know about you Snowjunky but I have never seen the Roar play a worse game of poofterball than tonight's debacle in the 10 year history of the A League.


Words like "pathetic" and "useless" don't even come close to describing the range and magnitude of their shortcomings.


We'd need cloud storage to go into all the details so I won't.


Played 3, Lost 3 - your job should be on the line Mr. Mulvey !!! :veryangry:


Yes a dismal effort but Mulvey's job is safe - he really is a very good coach and man manager but apparently hopeless at recruiting new talent

For example - Mensur (if you don't kick it directly to me, I'm not playing) Kurtishi

Adam (I was crap when I played for the Roar previously and now I am back, still crap AND injured) Sarota

Jamie ( Oh shit coach, you did not tell me that if I stand 10m out from the goal line someone might lob one into the net) Young


The keeper was the worst as his obvious nervousness and indecisive play infected the whole back line.

But then i read in the program from the game that he is half Sri Lankan and half Scottish so maybe that is why he was so muddled.


Then again the Sri Lankans aren't too bad. :D



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Ha ha ha :D


I bet it's his Mum who's Sri Lankan.


I seriously believe the Scots are the world champions of impregnating locals. Many moons ago I used to pay out big time to a Sri Lankan I worked beside in a factory in Melbourne 'cos his surname was Stronach. The usual morning discussion would include references to the sexual conquests of Scottish tea plantation owners! :D


Check the history of many developing nations and there is always evidence of Scottish impregnation of locals. The former Ghanaian military dictator Gerry Rawlings who came to power in a violent military coup then executed the previous cabinet - Dad was a chemist from Castle Douglas !!! :D


Ah tell ye laddie, the Scottish seed is strong !!!


(Back on topic - so you agree they were crap!! :sadface:)

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Bringing on Mikel was a bit of a negative move. They almost saw it out, but with Man U's attacking players, there's always the chance of them getting one goal.


A miracle win for Newcastle means we'll probably have Pardew for at least three more months. Spurs were terrible and are only a point ahead of us. Liverpool and ManYoo are within three. A mad start to the season.

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