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I like 47. It's definitely not big, but it is a good everyday kinda mountain. The park is good, mainly because it is well cared for and has a super fast chair that services only it. Such a huge benefit when you compare it to a place like Nozawa that has 2 jumps and a pipe all side by side so you can only hit one! And you have to hike at Nozawa because the only lift that services the "park" (if you can call it that) is the super long-slow covered quad.


On top of the park there are a few great runs and some cool trees if you know where to look and are prepared to outrun the gestapo patrollers. Plus if you get bored you can go fool around at Goryu and look for some lines there (although I am not as impressed by what it has to offer).


I bought a season's pass there the first day I went (which was the crazy brawl day) and was a little worried I had made a mistake, but after riding there 4 days I am confident I made a good decision. Barring injury, I am sure I will ride at least 20 more days just there this season, especially when spring comes.


All that being said, of the few places I have been I think I would prefer to go to Nozawa on an epic powder day. 47 = everyday. Nozawa = epic days.


BTW if anyone knows a great (I mean perfect) back country spot for kicker building at 47/Goryu please let me know...and if you do, why haven't you been riding with us? (^_^)

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