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Ishiuchi Maruyama (Minamiuonuma, Niigata) - 24th February 2014

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First proper ski in about 3 weeks for one reason or another (warm, work, snow). What a silly boy I have been - it's fun!

At least I have kick-started my season into action again and want to make up for the big gap.


Just took my phone today, so here's some snaps from Ishiuchi.

The snow was not as good as I thought it might be, after the snow since last weekend.

Bit heavy and hard-going especially lower down, not so bad higher up. Still not light and fluffy either.

Can't explain but real early spring-like feel going on. It was +3C mid-skijo according to the big thermometer they have up there.


Not perfect snow, but a fun day.




















In all the excitement, I forgot the cheese in my pocket!



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Yes so do I, I much prefer Maiko but been there a number of times so far this season and yesterday was my first time at Ishiuchi.


I like Ishiuchi best first thing to get that top run in before it gets cut up. Very nice. I'm just not very good at getting up and out early. :doh: :lol:


( Thanks Metabo Oyaji but I do cheat somewhat by only going on days with blue skies! ;) )

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Surely it's obvious!




Today we became great. Views from the top of white mountain lifts ski area is iwahara, NASPA, Gala, Yuzawa-Kogen, stone struck round mountain, top countries, Nakazato, スノーウッド, hakkaisan, 6 ski area, town, unfortunately can't make mitsumata, maiko, ski Park, rudeness, plenty of personality field is full!




Translated again as - we have sod all to do today!

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I love the way they insist on calling themseles 'Kandatsu highland ski resorts'.


Point 1, you are not plural!

Point 2, why not just your name - Kandatsu Kogen! Highland just confuses everyone and sounds silly.


:lol: x2

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