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More rusutsu whiteroom goodness


Hells yeah!


Go pro pic of the season!

The snow boarding Yeti great shot

My feet arent that big LOL

Well you said there was some swelling.I must say your pics and vids are great
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Cheers mate! Make sure you get that cam out on the deep days, your vids keep me going through the long aussie summer months as I count down my days till I leave for japan. I subscribe to your youtube

No prob mate. Unfortunately I hypextended my ankle yesterday and its swollen up pretty bad today so I will be out of action for a few days I think. Here are some snapshots from yesterday riding with

Will do. Im doing the Chitose dash today. Cant wait to get home actually.

Whao! Why am I only just seeing this thread now?! Guess work has been doing my head in a little cause I haven't had the time to keep up with things here.


Gozaimaas, good stuff man. Glad to see that you are enjoying your boards and the car danchi (in other circles we call it p-camping). You are living in a palace compared to the station wagon I spent two months in... but it was during the summer and in Shikoku, not Hokkaido. Good on you for sticking to it!


Also, loving the videos... after watching them I feel like I'm not getting out enough, and certainly not getting the video camera out as much as I've done in previous years.


Also, I'm loving the NS meltdown. I'm a pretty casual user of that site but can't believe what is going on there now. Those dudes have lost the plot a little.


Cheers dude!



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Haha this will make for some interesting reading for others trying to work out WTF is going on though!. FWIW he is actually a cool guy but this abortion of an idea has gotten out of hand and it cant be reeled in, he needs a ****ing holiday somewhere that snowboards have never been seen.


ANYWAY look at this feckin snow front that is coming tonight! YAAAAAAAY

A small spec of that blue hovering around has been resulting in 20cm dumps, this is 50 times bigger than anything ive seen since Ive been in Hokkaido.


More fool me for not looking at freezing levels, turns out this was all rain. Boooo

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Hey man


Been away from posting on forums for about a year but have been lurking every once and a while. I think I mentioned a while back that I was gonna head up to Hokkaido this February but turns out that I won't be able to due to money. Really wanted to try out one of your DIY boards. They look totally rad! Fantastic job with that.


Powder looking top notch as well. More vids please!!!


Any plans to head up to Asahidake?

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Yo PJ bummer you wont be coming up. Im always up for riding partners. Definately heading up north to hit a whole range of places including the fabled asahidake ropeway.

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Today was a shocker pretty much all over japan looking at the weather reports. Here in rusutsu It was +3 and raining when I woke up, probably went up to +5 or so by lunch time, everything melted and was then snap frozen this afternoon when it got really cold really fast. So there is a very slick melt crust out there now and the new snow is so light and dry that it isnt sticking at all. Tomorrow is going to be dust on crust bigtime and I would say there will be a lot of soft slab activity over the next few snow falls and maybe even for the rest of the season on todays nasty layer so everyone should keep this in mind even on sidecountry jaunts.

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It snowed all night but unfortunately the snow was accompanied by a strong wind which churned up the snow into tiny particles and desposit them in big drifts on the lee side of anything. Fortunately the snow was still fun to ride but you were either on pure ice or 40 odd cm of powder, lifes a bitch lol.


This is the danchi when I got up




and a faceshot sequence for something different!








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Sleeping in the van has not slowed you down.Great pic's.Funny thing showed your photos to my sister in law who said you where cheating as you are being towed along.I didnt slap her just shook my head.

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A few vids from today. I was the first one to make a run down the mountain and it looked like this






Livin on the edge at 0.20




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Cheers mate. It does ride really nice.

The board copped a bit of flack for being chattery when I first posted a vid of it ,today I seen gentems and moss snow sticks all chattering like crazy so I cant be too far off the mark with mine.

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