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I have had a bit of a frustrating day and to see the clear skies outside made it even worse!


3:30pm and I decided it was time to take a break and get some fresh air. Time to check out the nighta at nearby Maiko Snow Resort here in Minamiuonuma.


This season it's just 500 yen from 4pm to 8pm on the right 'Maiko' side of the resort. The top triple lift runs until 5pm and then it's just the central quad that goes until 8pm.


Got there at just after 4pm so I could play on the top triple lift for a while before it closed.


I was surprised actually because it's a fairly decent sized area that's open, and I could really whizz down there. I had this image that it was all just bunny slope, but there's more to it than that.


Not bad at all.


I will be going lots of times I think especially when there's some fresh snow. When it's only 500 yen it makes it an easy 'go'.


Even 90 minutes skiing is much more interesting than an evening walk for sure!


I'm hopeless at night photos, but took a few before it got too dark.






Looking over to Ishiuchi Maruyama






Back in time for tea!

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Only 10 minutes to the slopes? Very jealous. I wish I lived that close! Need to move I think.


How crowded does Maiko get? Is it big? For 500 yen, you can't go wrong can you? That is an incredible price for a few hours of skiing.

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Maiko gets crowded at weekends, I think. Tend to avoid!

Nighta today wasn't busy at all, I'd say there were about 50 people out.

You're right cant go wrong at 500 yen.




It's the right side that is open. The far right triple lift until 5pm and the center quad until 8pm.

H and G on the map.

Nice fast lifts and as I said it was better/bigger than I was expecting.

(I am usually over on the Gondola side when I go to Maiko and so not quite as familiar with this area).

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Thanks for the link to the mountain Muikabochi. It's always hard to tell from maps, but it looks like it's a smaller resort? But considering it's right off the highway, and not a one hour meander through the mountain roads after getting off, I can see why it would get crowded. Love the names on the other side!! GunGun ZokuZoku GuiGui! :sj-lol: :thumbsup:

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