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I just thought this would be cute. Kinda like a moratorium.


You dont even have to list it. Ill put down some options and you can just chuck in your number. Itd be nice to see whether we have a community that could theoretically have a hike :)


Option 1:


No gears, no training, not for me.


Option 2:


Have an interest but no gears.


Option 3:


Basic set - shovel probe, beacon. But boot packing it/no skins. Very little actual backcountry experience.


Option 4:


Basic Set + splitboard/snowshoes + skins. Little - some experience in the backcountry.


Option 5:


Basic kit,and avi training but no means to mount the summit (special category created just for me). Little to some bc experience.


Option 6:


All the mod cons, plus avi training from a one day open lecture. None to some BC experience


Option 7:


All the mod cons plus avi training stage 1 certificate (2 day course). Little to some BC experience.


Option 8:


All the above and working as ski patrol (sorry, this is going out of my depth now - i think this step is first). Decent BC experience.


Option 9:


Stage 2 avi training (according to CAA - 100 days on site collecting and studying snow/weather = PREREQUISITE to even take this - hence why i figure option 8 is interim, but i might be hugely wrong). To quote: Participants must have at least 100 days of operational field experience making and collecting weather, snowpack, and avalanche activity observations before applying, This generally requires at least two years of active operational field work and experience under the mentorship of CAA Professional Members.

Quite a lot of BC experience i assume.


Option 10:


Tour planner. Which i guess is stage 3 Avi training. You definitely have all the kit and probably a tonne of other certificates necessary to creating a safe trip out into the backcountry. Loads of BC experience.


Option 10b; Tour planner, printed out some certificates from the interwebs on some nice paper and framed them up. Little BC experience.


Option 11:


You have extensive back country experience but dont have any certificates or nothing You gots the kit and kaboodle and knows your stuff though.


ETA: Maybe i should leave the part on backcountry experience to you to answer. I always like honesty, and so will your fellow hikees, so dont be embarrassed to fess up.

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Stage 5 for me. Obviously since i made the category especially for me. :)

No real genuine backcountry experience. 1 hike. Guided and part of the avi course.

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Option 11 for me. The first 15 or so years of my skiing was almost entirely backcountry. Most of that was in Australia but I've also spent a season working for a heli ski company in Revelstoke in Canada and I spent a month ski mountaineering in the Indian Himalayas, done some backcountry in NZ as well as plenty of backcountry ski trips in Hokkaido. I started backcountry skiing when I was 14 and then at university I was a leader in the Mountaineering Club. I led many trips into the Aussie Alps teaching uni students the basics of backcountry survival including alpine skills like navigation, roping up for glacier travel, crevasse rescue, building snow caves and avalanche rescue. Still a fair portion of my skiing is mostly backcountry and the only reason I like places like Niseko or Rusutsu is because I can spend almost the entire day off-piste. Otherwise I avoid ski resorts. I have all the gear, know how to use it and have used it real situations but don't always take it with me if I'm heading out solo.

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I'm a 2 leaning towards wanting to be full time back country. I defineately prefer the backcountry when I have been on tours, but have had little to no time in the past to get backcountry by myself or with others.

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