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Looks familiar but cant place a name to it. Will put on my thinking cap

Tsugaike Kogen

That it is. Named after (and co-developed by the owners of) Hunter Mountain ski area in New York, USA.   Over to you, Muikabochi.

I think they do cat tours up through that valley and beyond. Would be epic.

From that photo, it looks like the valley might spit you out back to the resort, or at least close to....

Might have to take a peek at a contour map once someone HURRIES UP AND GETS THIS PLACE!

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Sorry, didn't check this earlier because it was knee deep this weekend. Unbelievable..


See how you go with this.


I don't think they should leave Black Holes just lying around on-course like that.

Bit of a safety concern, if you ask me.

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