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  1. Beautiful Photos TB! Thanks for sharing! Japan is truly an Epic place! Any kind of season is truly magical!
  2. I feel like it will be going to be a great event! I think I will now reserve my planned vacation for this.
  3. What a beautiful sunset pic from Kawauchi. This is why I really love Japan, lots of scenic views and places as well as delicious food.
  4. Sorry, The thread seems very long now, and I can't find the answer what's Abenomics is all about. Anyone can answer please?
  5. Whoa! I can't find a reason why there's always an issue with that thing? Anyone can answer me please?
  6. Cool! That would be an awesome test drive for sure! You rock!
  7. AGREE! Those are awesome places to visit during early or mid december.
  8. Haven't heard news about Kurodake updates yet. But I think there's still lots of beautiful ski resorts remain aside from Kurodake. Anyway, why not try in the US for this coming winter season? There are lots of great spots that you should not miss too!
  9. Agree with this idea! Better be safe than to enjoy while taking risk! There still lots of beautiful mountains in Japan to conquer and explore without the need risk life! Just saying!
  10. When will WORLD PEACE going to happen? Children were the ones whose life have been wretched and devastated. Wish it will all be stopped and let's all make Peace, NOT War on Earth.. It makes me a sad skier now!
  11. Yeah right! I observed that too! Why is that so? Is there any expalnations on that? Hopefully the one who's seroiusly injured will get well soon. That's why I always back off hiking through volcanoes though.
  12. I think it's ok to use an old gear, as long as you're the one who used it through time. But, if you'd bought it on second hand, oh well, I don't think it's still good to use. Qualities before and today may have been lots of difference, and there are lots of great new gears(technologically speaking) for Beginner today than the gears that beginners used before.
  13. Great pics! It's really great to go to a place where everything you want to do is just a ride away. From beautiful mountain and ski resorts to lovely beaches and food. So darn love Japan!
  14. All I can say is that Bacakcountry is definitely worth it and really fun but you should not do it alone. Always have someone to be with you that knows the site well. It's hard to get lost and it's more harder when doing it the first time.
  15. Yeah! I heard Madarao through my friend and I got interested by the place! Think I should include this on my bucket list now!
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