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Looks familiar but cant place a name to it. Will put on my thinking cap

Tsugaike Kogen

That it is. Named after (and co-developed by the owners of) Hunter Mountain ski area in New York, USA.   Over to you, Muikabochi.

Makino Kogen Makino



For those who are curious about the clues?

SnowJapan lists resort as Makino Kogen Makino

Takashima City, Shiga

Clue 1, picture of people waiting for fireworks at Lake Biwa, in Shiga prefecture

Clue 2, two pictures of Kaku Makino,(Makino appears twice in the resort name) from

Makino Gourmet Sushi & Seafood Resturants in the USA. (a bit of an out there clue,

but a google search of his picture brings up the company website)

Clue 3, Picture of Takashimaya Department store in Kyoto

Clue 4, Oda Nobunaga's floating fortress, borrowed from one of MOs clues, sailed on Lake Biwa, in Shiga

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