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Hi wave


Anyone been to Kusatsu this season yet?


I have been once to the town in summer and loved it and the ski-jo looked interesting - the locals promised the snow was top quality over there.


Thinking of going in a few weeks. Fairly easy for me being in Saitama.

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I'm off to Kusatsu tomorrow morning for the Christmas weekend, so thought I'd resurrect this lonely, old post! :thumbsup:


Right, better start thinking about what I need to take:-


Girlfriend? Check!

Bottle of Gluhwein? Check!

Snowboard gear? Check!

Cheese? Check!

Camera (phone)? Check!

Modesty towel? Check!


Sorted! :thumbsup: Merry Christmas everyone! :wave:

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oh dear god yeah! PLEASE GIVE ME A SNOW JAPAN MODESTY TOWEL! or even a big beach towel! ill happy buy it at market rate too because frankly itd look awesome! :)

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Right then, it's report back time. I'll post a proper review and some cheesy shots a bit later but I had an interesting time at Kusastu on Saturday. They haven't had much snow yet so the resort wasn't fully open, including that narrow, leg-burning, top-to-bottom run. You therefore had to get the gondola up to the top of the resort where 2 of the 3 pistes/lifts were operational. There was therefore very limited terrain but I had expected that anyway and to be honest, it was just good to ride again and test out my new boots and bindings combo. Especially on such a lovely day. So here are a few pics and comments for ya...



A closed run at the bottom of the gondola.



Looking back at the top gondola station



One of the 2 operational lifts - & yes I had to really restrain myself from riding down that lift line!



Some nice snow monsters!



On the top right you can see the 3rd, unopened run/lift. Bah humbug!



I was duty-bound to put those lines in that previously untouched powder on the right handside, looking back up to the gondola station.

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Believe me I was tempted but as it was Christmas, I was feeling festive rather than gnarly! ;) & I wasn't sure how deep that virginal powder was and what might have been lurking underneath! :D

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