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Chocolate haggis?!


Haggis has been deep fried, smothered in whisky cream and rolled in oats but now the great chieftain o' the puddin' race has undergone the final indignity: it has been made into chocolate.


Whether Robert Burns's Rustic, who set the earth "trembling" with his "haggis-fed tred", would have had the same seismic force had his dinner been rolled into delicate, truffle-shaped balls can only be surmised. But Nadia Ellingham, an artisan chocolate maker from Edinburgh, is prepared to bet that, had the poet tasted her variation on Scotland's national dish, he would have raised a toast in its honour.


"Most people screw their faces up or look a bit horrified when I tell them I make haggis chocolates, but once I explain how I make them they understand that it does actually make sense," said Ellingham, founder of the Thinking Chocolate firm.


Ellingham created the chocolates for a Burns' Night supper but her guests were so complimentary that she has started selling them commercially.

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Originally Posted By: thursday
the chewey sheeps somach lining of the haggis needs to be fried. And if it gets coated in chocolate after that, then it's a win win. Good luck haggis friars.

Or should that be friers? Friars are monks.
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