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Number one you guys are all attacking each other.


2 this was a dead thread with about 3 slagging

posts and quite a few good balanced ones.


3 most people even when slagging have said the place is good for some people.


4 everyones opinions good and bad are accepted here are they not.


5 my name is not hidin look at my profile.


6 Bad press is better than no press.


7 I would still recomend the place to friends that want a party or cant speak japanese.


8 I really liked snowed inn just didnt want to cart crap into the streets.


9 Will state again mitch was always nice to me... the people staying there werent, even after they asked and got food from me. I shared with them and they shared nothing with me. Im not talking about lines and that crap im talking about general manners.

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Whoah, and I thought this was a dead thread as well.


Davo thanks for responding, I understand that there are quite a few people who like snowbeds, so I'm happy to discuss it with those people.


First off, on the topic of gutlessness, I would gladly tell Mitch what I thought of him, if I saw him again, and if he cared, but based on what I saw, I don't think he does, and I don't have any plans to return to Hakuba anytime soon. If and when I do go back to snow country, it will be Nozawa or somewhere in Niigata. I don't plan on going back to Hakuba, because there are better places to ride in Japan, and I don't plan on making any special trips to let Mitch know that I don't like him. I also don't see the point in calling someone to tell them that I think they suck. Is this something that most people do ? But hell if you or any one else on this site wants to give him my email address - benjaminrok@hotmail.com - it used to be up there under every one of my posts, and for the past 2 years or so, has been on my member's page. And gamungeru, I don't understand what the whole 'sign your name' thing is all about - again, my name is really really easy to find - member's page - embedded in my email address - Benjamin Rok - real easy to find, hell my picture and place of residence are up there too, if any of you who are "foaming at the mouth" want to track me down.


Gimme a break. :rolleyes:


As for the pot calling the kettle black, sure I can own up to my own problems with Hakuba 47 patrol, but I never baited them the way Mitch does - you want evidence, just watch his video - parking lot scene. He seemingly gets pleasure from starting sh*t with these guys. I have talked to him on this issue as well. He asked me to write down my account of what happened and send him pictures of my bruises to him. But after seeing the video, talking to him some more, and hearing what other people had to say, I decided not to give him my info, because I don't think him and I saw the problem the same way. Instead, I made the effort to follow the rules, while at the same time, talking to them about places where it was ok by them to ride off course. My way, his way different - Sure I was only one season, but I like my way better, cuz I got to keep my pass. I don't think he has one.


As for slagging, slander, blah blah blah, MESSAGE BOARDS ARE THERE FOR PEOPLE TO POST FACTS, STORIES AND OPINIONS. And sure I have some pretty harsh opinions on some things and some people. Who doesn't. As I know, or have met alot of people on this forum, I don't feel that I have to give a restrained opinion. I talk like I would in a conversation, cuz that's what this is, a conversation, albeit others can listen in. I won't apologize for it, and I'm not going to tiptoe around an issue, if it makes me sick. I lay it out as honest as I can. I have some high opinions as well. That is usually what I post. Mitch puts his name and face on a business and sometimes that face is ugly. So if people ask me about snowbeds, I am not going to promote it, cuz I don't like it. Furthermore, as I think the main problem is it's owner, I am not going to tiptoe around that as well. Instead, you get to hear what I think. Don't like Snowbeds, don't stay there - (I would rather sleep in my car) Don't like my opinion, don't read it.


I (without thinking too hard about it) criticized the Hakuba Now Reports once, and I took my medicine on this board. I can take personal criticism just fine. Anyone who has met me, or has read this board for a while, could certainly lay into me hard if they wanted to. I later apologized for my hasty critique and pledged to think about what I was going to post, before I posted it, which is why I thought good and long about what to post about snowbeds.


paizuri - you are all over the place - rant - apology - what exactly are you trying to say?

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Originally posted by paizuri:

I'll agree that many people are not quick to share info on their favorite off-piste runs. This is a function of the paranoia created by the Patrol, and not meant as some "local" attitude. For those of us who have temporarily (or permanently) lost our expensive season's passes...we aren't really trying to have a traffic jam in the trees. It's not personal, just practical.
And this is just crap.

I rode Hakuba 50+ days, and for a large part of those, I was riding off-course, and I liked to compare notes with other off-course riders - specifically, in the instance I mentioned in my first post on this topic - I was talking to one of the guys who was long-term staying at snowbeds, hell it could have been you. But then to have Mitch interrupt my conversation that I was having with someone else, to stop the flow of info - how is that not local's rule BS? This spineless guy who I was talking to, actually let Mitch censor his speech. The guy actually quit talking to me :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Rude on Mitch's part, spineless on this other guys part. And just the wrong kind of attitude for a business owner to have and expect to get good word of mouth.

And I found the line anyway. The lines at Hakuba are easy to find, because they are everywhere. Just cuz the !! lOcaLZ rUlE !! doesn't mean that other people can't have fun too. "traffic jam in the trees" - please, they are not your trees. You snowbeds guys want to maintain some kindov closeted attitude, and not talk about your precious little secrets, fine. But it's a lame attitude when the virtues of powder are advertised and extolled.

"function created by paranoia of the Patrol" - give me a break - there are places at Hakuba where you can ride off-course with the patrol's approval - if you don't want to share that info, be discreet about it, there are ways that you can hide info without dangling the carrot in front of your customers' faces. Watch the Video and it's all - Look at all of this powder at Hakuba - talk to Mitch and it's - That powder is for me and my buddies, not for you.

Bad day my ass, I stayed there 3 or 4 times, and it was always lOkaLz rUlE ! ! Not the kindof place that I would recommend to anyone.

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Konnichiwa Everyone! from Hakuba. We already had snow 1 week ago on the top of the mountains. wave.gif for those who gave us WARM WORDS and GOOD SUPPORT. When you stay at Snowbeds next time, please remind me your handling name to let me buy your beer! (1 beer enough for bribe?...I know 1 is not enough for Erick and Josh. Erick!, you got 2 because you posting your comments twice to make sure point is made, I guess?! :p Josh!, you too, got 2 because you deposited your savings in our Beer Machine Bank :p .


Winter is coming! Let's pray for good snow season start early and last long. See you on powder.



Yoshie (Excuse my poor English)


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wow, Yoshie is on the forum. Thanks for showing up, Yoshie. I hope you are here to stay.


I guess the fact that 80% of your biz is word of mouth or repeat says something, but as you can read in this thread, there are some people (besides myself) who have stayed, but didn't like it. I hope that you address these issues, not just on this forum, but at your establishment.


Thanks again,


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barok, that's as good a defence of what forums are for that I've seen in a long while. That old 'you wouldn't dare say that in real life' quibble just stinks - nobody who says that knows that for sure, although they always say it like they do. lol.gif


Yoshie, I don't know you at all, and I can only guess what people on this forum are like from what they say on here. You question my motives for asking about 'attitude' at Snowbeds, when I've already gone to pains to explain why - I've heard through word of mouth (jeez, there it is again!) that you get attitude at Snowbeds, I don't always trust the word 'attitude', and I want to know specifically what it means so that I can make up my own mind. Do you also think I have some kind of 'agenda'? If you don't like people talking vaguely about 'attitude', I highly recommend that you don't go suggesting people have 'agendas' or dubious motives...


Otherwise, I think it's good that you speak up for yourself and your place.

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Thank you barok and Yoshie for responding. Barok I'll retract my charge of gutlessness, but like Yoshie I felt that some of the things you said were too much. Great post Yoshie. Good luck with the renovations-I'll pop in and buy you a beer sometime, cause you deserve it.

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Originally posted by Jose Cuervo:

Let me excuse. I'm sometimes sleepy, hangover (sorry) since I spend 24hours everyday with customer in my house and I can't hide it all. We have more than 1000 guests staying each year, I am confused with Gaijin names and faces, as Japanese looks the same to you. Gomennasai!! We try our best to welcome our customers though. We shovels snow in cold (outside is sometime -20 degrees C, even my nose hair fleezed) while customers are sleeping, makes firewoods for days before season starts, Hontoni there are lots work to keep this place you wouldn't imagine.
I appreciate the fact that you showed up. I must admit I have no opinion either way on Snowbeds as I have not stayed there.

BUT, I think the above is pretty lame excuse from an operator! This stuff is all part and parcel of running the camp! If you can't do it because people are paying you for it then you shut up shop! A solution to your problems perhaps. ANother solution maybe to charge less and dish out the duites to those who stay (kind've like a boarding system) then perhaps YOU wouldn't have to do all those difficult and annoying basic things in running YOUR business.

You make it sound as though people who come to pay you for your services are actually annoying you in making you do all these things?!

If you can't hide there then move out! Get another place! Don't bite the hand that feeds you! Do you want a business or do you want to have a home?!

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Hey there paizuri - good to have you here. You mention above, "If you walk in with attitude, you will be met with attitude." You gotta recognize the same can be said for a forum like this. You came out of the gates swingin so you should expect a jab or two back. It's cool though man, stick around. I was referring to you in my first post way back at the top of this thread about being treated totally cool by the locals that kick it there long term. I felt welcome whether I was staying or just dropping by, thanks mainly to Yoshie, you and some of the other guests. But unfortunately Mitch didn't always make me feel that way. Whatever though, you know? Sometimes you don't always click with people - that's just the way it goes. It never ruined my stay. Maybe someday he and I will share a beer and we'll hit it off, you never know.


I do agree with a lot of what barok said in his first post. I was there when you got shut down by Mitch for just discussing a line with him. That is just lame to hush someone for talking to someone he doesn't even know (a customer) about a line. But to your credit I think we did discuss it a little further after Mitch went back to pointing himself out on the video.


I also mentioned above about having some good (what I called) "un-japanese" experiences. I dig a wild adventure (rallying home from the club in Sebastian's van following Mitch icon_eek.gif) but some people certainly don't. Not to say you are bound to get this at Snowbeds, but if it is something you are looking for (like a night of moving furniture from a club to the street - from what I've heard) you are certainly more likely to find it there than at any of the local Ryokan.


Jose Cuervo - Thanks for coming on here to address the issues first hand. How cool would it have been if someone from 47 had actually posted when all that was goin around about a lurker? Mogs - you might be being a little rough, man. Sure, it may be part of the job description, but I think Yoshie is just trying to explain why sometimes you might not see the best side. She has always treated me with full respect and it sounds to me like that sentiment has been echoed across this thread.


Aside from the regulars and locals, I have also had the opportunity to meet some pretty cool travelers that just were either cruising through town or came all the way from Australia or the likes. The hang out room is totally comfortable and I never hesitated to strike up a conversation with someone chillin. For that atmosphere it beats the crap out of a bar.


Ryland (hmmm, guess it isn't in my profile)

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I do not mean to be rough.


I think my comments are fair enough though.


When you run a business you expect the unexpected. Whether it be budget or not you are providing a service and you should therefore act with that attitude. If you job has certain bad aspects it is your job to rid yourself of these and the hardship. This should not be thrown back at your clients.


That is all I am getting at.


Like I said I have not stayed at Snowbeds and I hae not cared to read much of this thread also, so my comments are not meant to reflect my stance on this issue, but my stance in general reagrding service providers.


Bite the hand that feeds you and you have this thread happening.

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As a provider of a service myself, I can sympathize with saying 'you get what you pay for' and the like. Sometimes people do need to be reminded... It's one of the (double-edged) freedoms of being in business for yourself.

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I don't think that was as much of an excuse for bad service as a veiled apology for any transgressions of Yoshie's normally excellent attention to detail and customer service. Could be a language issue between you two.

I really felt that your comments (while true in the business world) were indelicate. Especially given the fact that you have never met the wonderfully considerate person that is Yoshie.

I never once, even in private, heard either Mitch or Yoshie complain about their duties. And yeah, it seems that Mitch does sit on the couch alot cool.gif in the winter, but he busts his ass in the summer and fall getting ready for the season.

Just go stay there before you pass judgement.



Gee man, it really sounds like you had an exceedingly bad time on all of your visits. maybe people just don't get a good first impression of you? eek.gif

As for the whole thing about Locals Only...yawn. Refer to previous sentence.

Have a nice day \:\)

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I don't normally stray into really heated threads (far too delicate for that!) but.....


I must say that when I did contact them they were really friendly and even though I haven't made it there myself, I do know a few people who have been there a few winters on the run.


Those people have only really good things to say about the place - including Mitch and Yoshie. (Joint owners?)



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This thread is like a bad soap.....it goes round in circles but is annoyinlgy addictive. And Yoshies' apperance is like a long lost character returning.


Yoshie I will take you up on the offer of a quick tea, and check your place out! If I see Mitch being lazy sod, I'll kick him up the arse and get him to do some work! :p Only kidding.


I've worked in a hotel in a ski resort, and I lasted 5 months. It was REALLY hard work, plus I didn't have to prepare throughout summer, so I can sympathise with two people running a place which gets 1000 people a season.

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I usually tend not to post to these threads but in this case I had to.


Mitch and Yoshie are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. They have been good friends of mine for a long time.


I lived in Hakuba when there wasn't a Snowbeds or a Snowdin Inn. Believe me when I say both were, ARE, badly needed.


It seems that the only thing bad to say about Snowbeds - the place to stay - is the heaters smell! OK maybe they need to give lessons on the does and don'ts of kerosene heaters. I'll offer my assistance during the upcoming season when I visit their establishment.


As for some not so good personal interactions that have been mentioned here well...doesn't that happen everywhere you go. No one gets along with everyone.


But I imagine this post will make everyone involved think a little about our actions.


So...SNOWBEDS...if you choose to go I believe you will meet 2 great owners & a lot of cool people from all over the world. You'll get a comfortable place to crash in a place with a very casual atmosphere.


But there is something else that almost every poster forgot to mention.


If your lucky you'll get a chance at some of the nicest powder in the world. Mother nature willing! (and yes for everyone, but only if your properly prepared)


That will bring smiles to everyone. Gotta go.





PS Hey Yoshie I seem to recall having inserted a few coins into that beer machine too! \:D

And I'm sure many more!

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Hi, maybe a bit late to response to this topic.. but let me do.


I had a great good-bye Japan party last year in snowbed with barok, danz, kuma, emi and more people from Forum. Because of Mitch knew that was my bye-bye Japan snowboard trip, he tried set up a party for me(or us). I really apprecieted! And it was fun.


I know Mitch and Yoshie work really hard for keeping snowbed for both Japanese and Ganjin to have a lot of funs in Hakuba. Not that many place is cheap and both Nihonjin and Ganjin confartable place in Japan, like Snowbed, Niseko Chalet,Hirafu Chalet and The Kinta.


In my bye2 trip, we broke into a small restaurant where served food so slow (due to our group was bigger than 15 people). Because of we cannot wait food, we used there KARAOKE system for WITHOUT PAYING (well...sorry, I hope they are not upset and complained to Mitch and yoshie..) Well, I applogies to owners in Japanese, but that give bad images on Gaijins and Snowbed which always Yoshie and Mitch fight for.


We do some crazy stuff in local Japan area, and often those people who owned Gaijin hostels have to say sorry on behalf of those party animal or holiday dude. I remember last year, Mitch and Yoshie told me that they often have hard time with local people and start to get tired to running business, yoshie wants to study more on Business and Mitch wants to go back to Europe to have funs as a person, not owner in Ski resort. But they knew there are many people wants to stay Japanese ski resort for budgetted price so they are tring their best.


Why owners cannot have fun with customers? why owners cannot enjoy party with guests who often come to snowbed?


You are not staying Hotels, you are staying backpackers with budgetted price, do not expect that Mitch and Yoshie MUST WORK as HOTEL PEOPLE. Are you paying enough to get such a perfect service which you expected. If you do not want to have it, then go back to HOTEL RESORT and give up fun in Snowbed.


Again, I really had great time in Snowbed last year (well, yes I drunk too much tequila with Mitch and others in Snowbed and had serious hang over...) but snowbed is pretty cool place.


I am sure that Mitch concern about drunken matter and Yoshie will be look after him. So people who haven't been Snowbed, do not think that owners are rude dude, they are really cool and really funny people like old friends of yours!





Greeting from Germany to Mitch & Yoshie!

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