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Crisps, chips, savoury snacks

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often crave for a packedt of crisps or something savoury.


Here are some og my favorites, not sure if available anymore though.


SaltnVinegar crisps



Horror Bags



Porky piggie pork scratchings



Pickled eggs



Pickled onions




I could go on and on. But I'm making myself ravenous. What do you like. Might pick up some good suggestions to try.

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Totally agree with all the above, especially pork scratchings and scampi fries!! Top bar snacks! I am very much a savory over sweet snack person. Hardly eat any chocolate but could tuck into all the above and binge out easily!! I remember 10p bags of crisps in the vending machines after swimming. Remember Hedgehog falvoured crisps, what were they all about, loved them though! and piglets? Also Wheat Crunchies, they were great! ahhh I culd totally go on and on....






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