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Hello all - in order to lose a few pounds to feel better about myself for the coming winter - I have signed on to the herbalife diet - I have just started on it a few weeks ago thus no dramatic results as of yet - it involves protein shakes as a supplement for two daily meals - the shakes are tasty and varied and a bonus is the centre is right near my work -

I was just wondering if any one else has any experiences positive (hopefully) or otherwise with the diet - ?



thks in adv



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I am not big on replacement shakes - I don't think they teach you how to eat correctly and when you come off them sometimes you put the weight straight back on.


A few years ago I lost 30kgs simply through watching everything I ate and everytime I was hungry I would go and have a glass of water and then wait 10 minutes to see if I really was hungry thus I also cut out snacking. I have put on 5 kgs recently but it was my fault, I started eating STUPID things again. Have been dieting for 3 weeks and even though I have only lost 2kgs the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off.


Good Luck - Do what ever works for you!! friend

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Originally Posted By: thursday
all these programs reminds me of my fave.

The Atkins, but with my options.

Meat, lots
veg, little
wine, lots

worked for me.

I should get on that then....

I need to shed a few kilos but I simply can't be arsed!! lol
Back home for about a year I was a gym monkey and was getting into shape but with the Scottish diet it wasn't phenomenol, I came out here and stopped going to the gym BUT I eat a hell of a lot healthier so I've not put on any weight. I just can't seem to get back into the gym frame of mind here, I reckon if I hit the gym here like I did back home, with the added bonus of eating better I should be able to shed the pounds...unfortunately I am a lazy sod!! lol
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I need to shed a few kilos but I simply can't be arsed!!

Alas, I'm a bit the same. I am just having way too much trouble getting it going after summer.

Your diet sounds good, thursday. Crisps and snacks ok too?
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Crisps, chocolate and cakes are carbs people!!! LOL


And they are nasty carbs at that - huge insulin response immediately upon eating. Bad bad bad.


Meat, fish, eggs, vegies in wild abandon.

Wholemeal, wholegrain carbs moderately.

The rest of it rarely.


Big mistake I always made was to eat lots of fruit - it is high in natural sugars and gives a big insulin response as well ... swapped the fruits for vegies and it is all good. No more low 3.30itis either!

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