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Couldn't ask for better skies. We were concerned about the winds slabs down in the snowpack and the wind scour from the northerlies. A day of sunshine and no new snow in the last 24 hours. What better way than to spend Leap Day on the north faces of Happo?


Lap 1

Friday morning, Kumapix and I went to Skyline to find the top Quad closed. We dropped off the north face.


Kumapix, slash into the sunshine






Lap 2:

We met up with Janus and Paedde (his last day of skiing on his Japan journey), we left one car at the exit and double-backed to the gondola. I've been wanting to get in this area for 3 seasons. Unless otherwise noted, these are Paedde's pic. This needs its own thread while you're on your way to Utah, Paedde.


We topped out, if you look closely, you can see Janus.



Let's zoom in to my pic from the pit. I had paedde had rope me up for the quick dig and didn't find anything too make us turn back on such a steep slope, though it was getting late.

Janus is trying out for a backcountry dot com top page photo



I told everyone it was 55 degrees for 150-200 meters.

I lied: it was 53 degrees.


(my pic)


I'm off




As soon as I hit the sun, I cartwheeled.





Kuma gets the soul shot of the day. Good b/c he's usually the one taking pictures of others



Cool. let's see another



My shot of Kuma shooting Paedde



Everyone else has pictures coming up.



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FT, I got back with no worries, didn't have to work which was sweet, I was so stuffed when the train got in, didn't sleep much on the plane.


Great to stay and hang! Will no doubt be back next year.


Good to meet you too Kuma, the neck is feeling much better, think it was just a mild strain. The pressure of having that massive camera of yours pointed at me was obviously too much for my ego to handle ;\) Hope you got some good pics with that little Jap chick.


Have been mucking around with photos on this Picassa program, I'm thinking of going pro, HA, will put some up soon.


As for my skiing ability, in my mind I'm much better than in reality, and every year the gap grows \:\) at least I can still enjoy skiing pow..

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