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The official ARGUMENT thread

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 Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
yeah this isn't the agreement thread you know!!!

Although I think it might have become the agreement thread - I've seen better squabbles from a flock of seagulls fighting over a fish head!

Hmmm, Flock of Seagulls - good band that.
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 Originally Posted By: kokodoko
no-one has called anyone argumentative, you are wrong tubby..


there is 33 yen in the sporran.

nb note correct spelling

dunno if you got the sarcasm......but it was there!!

ps good spelling thumbsup.gif
pps hope ur leg gets better soon
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 Originally Posted By: Creek Boy
I thought saying the suckass was sufficient wakaranai.gif

What part of they suckass dont you understand? \:\)

Pfffft, suckarse was a cheap shot at an argument. Bet you've never heard of them.

So in this context I guess I don't understand any of your suckarse!
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