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Comedy - Ally McBeal, Frasier, That's 70s show

Serious one - Thrid watch, ER, The Practice.

Aminimation - The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park.

Japanese TV - Gakkou e Ikoh!, Who want to be Millionner (Japanese one), Raiha shonen


TV Show, always feel "Ooh, that's crap!" but cannot stop watch'n it - Buffy, Angel, Felicity, Dawson's creek, REAL WORLD on MTV.



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Fox channel make me sick about New movie before they come out.


I was really looking forward to watch "Moulin Rouge" but because of they showed preview soooo many time on Fox, I decided "Not to watch"


Other thing happened to me on "Behind Enemy line". Before they show "Crap" director's commentary program, I was going to watch, but after that.... really really make me sick.


Why FOX does stupid thing?

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No waaay,


the Simpsons is as funny as it has ever been.

they rarely miss.


although I will agree that from about 5

seasons ago to about 2 season's ago were

the best of the best.


best episodes ever: the Beer Baron, and

the Insanity Pepper (not the episodes' real


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The Sopranos (whatever happened to them - only 2 series in Japan), ER, Sex in the City, South Park, Friends. I like News Station - it's a quirky news programme with up to date documentary clips and dominance of baseball in the sport sectionwhich pisses me off (except if the Tigers continue to do so well)

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