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  1. More than a week is difficult - but a week from Hong Kong is definitely do-able.
  2. I'm sure it it, though perhaps tiring. Some of the guests have hangovers the next day.
  3. 16520 yen? Bargain! Zermatt is magical. Get fine weather and it's just fantastic. I'd love to go back in winter.
  4. I might add that my power on and power off times are both considerably less than they were using XP.
  5. Can you tell me too! I don't have PMs yet just tell me where abouts. Not that I need the equipment I would just like to go and laugh at the prices
  6. I have Vista too and find it surprising that an objective person would say that XP is much better as the experience of using Vista is far better.
  7. Ski shops? I wouldn't know, I have bought all my equipment in Tokyo! I would imagine them being expensive.
  8. I have been going to Niseko for a number of years now and have seen it develop from a much quieter place to what it is now, and of course with interest seeing what it will become as well. I have also been to Yamagata Zao and Shiga Kogen/Nozawa and I really enjoyed those places, but just once each. I was wondering if other places have changed in a similar way to how Niseko has over the last 5-10 years? Thanks, good to be here!
  9. Yes I just saw your profile! Very enthusiastic is seems. I have been to Niseko a few times too. Interesting to see it change over the years.
  10. Anyone else on here from Hong Kong? I have been visiting Japan in winter for a number of times now. My first ever ski was in Niseko, when it was quite different to what it is now (still love it!) and I was hooked there and then. Nice to meet you!
  11. Hong Kong. I have been visiting Japan in winter quite a few times now - never enough!
  12. Oh, I first went skiing in Niseko a while back, and have seen it change and grow over the years.
  13. I went to Switzerland in the summer about 6 years ago. I thought it was a fantastic place, probably the place I have enjoyed visiting most. Absolutely beautiful place.
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