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  1. Akakura Onsen might not have good tree runs, but Akakura Kanko (next to Akakura Onsen) has a bunch of good tree runs at the top.
  2. Another vote for Karuizawa. 1. They have slush/ice making machines if there isn't enough snow. 2. Gentle slopes for beginners 3. For beginners, I'd emphasize convenience and facilities over snow quality. Also, it might be a good idea to stay at the resort. Taking the train back to Tokyo daily is probably not such a good idea when your body is sore from days of skiing/boarding. Also, the whole process of getting to the mountains is a time consuming process. You can take the 6:30AM Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa/Karuizawa/Joetsu, and after you factor in the local transit (bu
  3. Originally Posted By: Jynxx I wonder if there is such a thing as too much powder for some people. I'm quite happy with knee deep but hey, I take what's there. Sadly yes. 1. Board not long enough (or) 2. Rider is too heavy for the board (see no 1) 3. Not enough setback (setback is of course, still limited by the board type i.e. freestyle boards typically only allow centered stances). It's possible to lean back to compensate lack of setback, but it's tough on the dominant supporting leg!
  4. 1. If you have any momentum, carry that through and perform a roll, get up and continue riding. 2. If you are stationary on a slope, try to get on your toeside (i.e. anterior facing the mountain) to push yourself up. It's easier than having your back against the slope. 3. If your board is stuck deep in powder: - dig your board out, release your feet from the bindings - pack down an area near you - if your balance is good enough, stand on the board and strap yourself in - if you can't balance yourself on the board, sit on the packed snow and strap yourself in, then proceed t
  5. Aiming for 30 days this year, which will be difficult with a full time desk job. Although I managed to hit 65 days in the 2005/2006 season though.
  6. Luxury wing. Incredible onsen. Restaurants with great food. Childcare. Good rental equipment. Incredible mountain.
  7. One of the best resorts in Honshu, too bad the resort went under a few years ago. Will it ever come back?
  8. Yeah, read that feature but just wondering if the rest of you have any stories to tell.
  9. How many of you crazy guys have actually skied/boarded down Mt. Fuji before?
  10. Nozawa Onsen is one of my favorite resorts in Japan (I have written a review on the main SJ site). There's a lot of great tree riding to be had on Yamabiko and for those brave (or foolish) enough to explore, Nozawa Onsen has some of the best slackcountry riding anywhere. Shiga kogen is a much larger resort. Great if you like riding on piste.
  11. My apologies. I didn't get there until 9:20PM. Tracy wasn't around and I asked the bartender for you but the poor chap probably had no idea who I was asking for.
  12. Great, I'll see you at the pink cow at 8 plus. Turn on your avalanche beacon, I'll track you down.
  13. Tonight is actually better for me, but I'm going to be in the Ginza area (to book my trip to Niseko). If you don't mind meeting up a bit later, I can head to the pink cow.
  14. Originally Posted By: Tlen early next week? Early next week (Tues/Wed) is good. Let's confirm on Monday night.
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