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  1. So far Niseko December 12th-17th Nozawa Onsen December 29th - Jan 3rd
  2. 1. Both Hakuba and Niseko have a lot of the young crowd. Hakuba might have more local Japanese young crowd as people from Osaka/Kansai area and Tokyo people go to Hakuba. Where as maybe there is more foreigner young crowd at Niseko. 2. If I am going to a place for 2 months I am probably going to spend some time in the nearest largest town or city. Nagano city has a population of just under 400,000 and Sapporo has a population just under 2 million people. Sapporo will have a greater variety of bars, restaurants and meeting places and things to do. But because Nagano and Hakuba is on the ma
  3. If I am choosing between the two, I would choose Hokkaido over Hakuba. My reasons are 1. I love Sapporo (gives you a city feel for when you don't want to be on the mountain and just want to chill) 2. Hokkaido girls are awesome 3. The food is awesome! 4. Variety of resorts with the best powder in the world. Don't get me wrong Hakuba is great and I go every year, but Hokkaido is just better
  4. ahhhh I guess i should make friends with a person who works for burton and other snow brands haha
  5. 50% off??? where does one sign up to get these family and friends invitation things
  6. I think what you should be more worried about is how much your bank is going to charge for overseas transaction. If you are that worried about merchant fee's and possibly want to lessen the hit on bank fee's maybe hit up a post office and get out some cash and pay for your lift passes for the day or whatever in cash. But My advice is also to buy on the day depending on conditions.
  7. Just saw this thread and checking in. I will also be at Nozawa from the 29th of December until the 3rd of January with the misses. Looking forward to going as I have never been! Hit me up if you want to cruise for part of a day.
  8. I want to steal all of those witches hats and place them on the mountain this winter so it guides people to a hole I will dig that has hungry wolves in it. oh the hilarity!
  9. do you have to bend over much at all? or is the computer at a nice height where you can stand up straight with good posture?
  10. Well Osaka/Kobe has seen a lot of rain this summer and its definitely been a lot cooler this summer than last summer. Last year it was still hitting 30 degrees until mid October. Then all of a sudden the temperature dropped. I don't think that's going to happen this year, I think temperatures will be closer to historic average temperatures with winter hitting a little earlier this year. What that means for snow who knows, that's all luck really!
  11. yeah dynaland/takasu is the place to be for kansai people and good value for money. You can take a night bus and arrive at 4am then start boarding from 5am and then you finish at about 3:30pm and take bus back to kansai at 4pm. oh and yeah snowboarding is much more popular for kansai people
  12. I would like to do this at some point in my life. Cause I have climbed up the bastard. Maybe in the next couple of years. Maybe snowjapan can plan an event for next year.
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