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  1. ju87 don't worry I am a complete demented circus monkey on ski's and I can get from one side to the other. At worse try and get a group of you and just catch a taxi.
  2. This is an email doing the rounds in Australia at the moment. I think it sums up the Japanese People perfectly. In Australia are we as good? 10 THINGS To LEARN FROM JAPAN 1. THE CALM Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated. 2. THE DIGNITY Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture. 3. THE ABILITY The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn't fall. 4. THE GRACE People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.
  3. I have Smith's IOS I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them. They are the best goggles I have ever had.
  4. Ah I'm sure that when I first started going to Japan I was well aware that they were earthquake prone. I knew they had daily tremors and there were active volcanoes. That just made it all the more exciting. Why know that there has been a major earthquake would that stop me going??? The people are the same, the experience is the same, the food is the same and the snow is the same. From what I am being told by friends everything stood up pretty well to the earthquake but it is the tsunami that has caused all the damage.
  5. We are heading back to Japan at the end of April and of course will definately be back next season.
  6. AWESOME photo's Mike - I am sitting back in Oz Green with Envy .
  7. I am feeling very left out. I have been to Niseko for 6 years running and I have never had a close encounter with Woodley. I have met Muku and obviously the lovely dog over at the Hanazono Coffee Stop but NO WOODLEY!!
  8. Originally Posted By: Go Native Yeah it's Woodley, Derek's dog. He's certainly not abandoned. He lives in Hirafu and the mountain just happens to be his backyard. He's spoilt rotten so no need to worry about him! GN Thank you so much for the up date. Now I know he is okay and not lonely cold and hungry - What a great story truly a dogs life - "Playing with the Snowboarders all day in Niseko"!
  9. I would like to know. We have donated money BUT where and how can we help out by sending food to these affected areas. Surely in Japan places shouldn't be running out of food. We would also like to get together blankets - clothes and toys for displaced children. BUT WHERE DO WE SEND IT!!!!
  10. This story has stressed me - I hope he is okay. I am hoping he wasn't left tied up there all day and night and is still there!!!! Please keep us posted if someone has claimed him. GN got any idea's whose dog it was?? My 3 dogs where all dumped dogs. So he would be totally welcome to come live with me
  11. Originally Posted By: big-will 6 days to repair, apparently WTF is that for real!!! Here in Australia 3 weeks later there would still be 20 council workers standing around shaking their heads with their hands on their hips!! Deciding who was going to go and get smoko!!
  12. If you need to fill your addiction PM me your address - we have 2 Japanese groceries near us and they both stock Chocolate Mushrooms - Oishii. My Niece also has an addiction to these so I keep boxes handy for bribery
  13. Great Post 20.7 - I nearly cried when I saw that women carried in, who was so shell shocked had lost her daughter and still manage to stand and bow and thank her rescuer. Also the footage of the 2 woman running for safety after a tsunami warning siren but still having the time to bow as they ran past the army personnel. Being a regular visitor to Japan I am not surprised BUT please beleive me that the conduct of the Japanese people has been noted by some Australians. Several of my friends have commented on the fact that there has been no looting, how orderly they are queuing for water
  14. YAHOO Mike's Back in Niseko - Can't wait for more great photo's
  15. CNN reported today that Italy is Banning import of any Japanese Items Americans have been buying up Iodine tablets as they prepare for the nuclear cloud!! SERIOUSLY people - We need to be helping Japan not spreading widespread panic. On a tiny little part of my world - I have had people say they wont be buying any japanese products where I am. That is GREAT send those to little Japanese Grocery Stores here on the coast out of business and then whine and bitch in a year that there not there. I am off this weekend to spend up big at them!!
  16. When you see the footage of people running for their lives and the wave catching them it is just haunting. In the footage as the waves comes around the houses it acutally looks like a group of people running acutally getting swept away. So So sad and over here I feel so helpless. Donating money just doesn't seem enough - I feel like I need to get on a plane with a crate of supplies. What else can we do from here????
  17. Watching the footage. So scary and sad. My thoughts are with everyone over there. Stay safe everyone. Trying to contact Friends in Toyko - Oita and Nagoya. My heart is so sad for Japan.
  18. We may also be a little late. Mr Snowhunter is taking me out for Valentines Day Dinner
  19. WE'RE HERE!!!!! Arrived just in time for the snow and drinks. Can life get any better. Count us oldies in . Java Bar is that the place???
  20. We went to Kamui Links of Friday. Had a great day. Even though it was a public Holiday we quite often would have runs all to ourselves. Mixed day of sun with snow showers, no wind and mild temperatures. Off Piste looked inviting with glistening powder BUT on venturing in it was hard and crusty YUCK. I stuck to the main runs and enjoyed myself, Mr Snowhunter ventured in and out of the trees. Had lunch in the top Cafe (Cafe127??) Oishii Green Curry. Thoroughly enjoyed our day at Kamui Links. Photo's to come.
  21. We will definately be in for drinks we arrive on the 12th!! I have Stickers too!!!
  22. Mr Snowhunter has just had exactly the same problem. Went to tighten his boots today and now they look exactly like yours BM. Our problem is that we are in Furano so I can't see anyone here being able to fix them so we will try the tape and hope they last until we get to Niseko in a week.
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